Board 2020-2021
From left to right:
Noa, Lelia, Micha, Emma, Elizardo, Laura

The CognAC board is actively engaged with the ins and outs of the study association. This means that they support the committees with the organisation of activities, approach businesses for guidance in your prospective career, and maintain contact with the academic programme, among other things. Because CognAC is a small association, the board aims for personal involvement with its members.

The CognAC board contains six potential positions: chair, secretary, treasurer, external officer, internal officer, and educational officer. The chair is charged with ensuring that meetings are properly conducted and keeps track of everything in the association. The secretary is responsible for correspondence with the programme and other associations, for taking the minutes during meetings, staying informed of the legal matters related to the association and for acting as the primary contact person. The treasurer keeps busy creating a budget, managing the finances, and doing the book keeping. In turn, the chief of external affairs is responsible for arranging sponsor contracts and visits to businesses, and keeps the board up to date on the happenings in both umbrella and sister associations. The chief of internal affairs is concerned with the support of CognAC committees and organises consultations with the chairs. Finally, the chief of education is responsible for anything study related, including but not limited to contact with the programme and degree programme committee, guiding the study, parent's day and symposium committees.

Academic year 2020-2021

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