Q3 Crashcourses: Introduction to Robotics

Maria Montessori 1.021

Join the study committee for a Q&A on the first-year course Introduction to Robotics!

Q3 Crashcourses: Natural Language Processing

Maria Montessori 1.021

Join the study committee for a Q&A on the second-year course Natural Language Processing!

Living Monopoly

The Netherlands

Do you like trains? Do you like taking pictures? Do you like board games? Then living monopoly is the perfect game for you!!

[CANCELLED] Parents Day!

Huygens Building

[CANCELLED] Due to unforeseen circumstances, the parentsday will unfortunately be cancelled.


Sportfondsenbad Nijmegen-West

After 4 years (!!!) of trying, it is finally going to happen. CognAC, Thalia, Postelein, Umoja and Den GWS have joined forces and will organize a pool party together. On April 20th, we will all go to Sportfondsenbad Nijmegen West to party and swim together for a few hours. More information will follow as soon as possible.

Batavierenrace 2023

Nijmegen to Enschede

Your chance to join the biggest relay run IN THE WORLD is here!! Fill in the form to join the CognAC/Leonardo team for 2023 :)

Sweden exchange

Linköping (and maybe Stockholm)

Have nothing planned this May break? Do you want to be in Sweden for a week? While we will be keeping you busy with various educational, recreational and nutritional activities, there will also be time to explore the city of Linköping at your own leisure. Do you want to partake in this trip? Keep your May break free and register on the 23rd of December at 13:00!

Trivago Inhouseday

Trivago HQ Düsseldorf