Published on: 30 June 2019
Written by: Fien Ockers

Welcome Max! Can you maybe tell me something about yourself?

I’m Max, I am 22 years old and currently in my third year of the bachelor AI and I still really like the study so far. I am living in Nijmegen-Oost right now with fun roommates. My parents live in Uden.

Do you have any siblings?

I have one younger sister with whom I am quite close. Next year, she will start at the HAN in Nijmegen.  

Why did you choose to study in Nijmegen?

Here I admit that I have no clue where Uden is, but it is between Nijmegen and Eindhoven. There is a direct bus from Uden to Nijmegen, but it takes 55 minutes.

I did the Nijmegen Tweedaagse twice for the study AI and I noticed that the choice was quite clear for me. Nijmegen is quite a small city that still feels ‘gezellig’. Initially, there were a lot of studies that seemed interesting, but I just started crossing of studies until AI was left. Due to the Tweedaagse, I already knew quite some people when I joined the study here.

How is your study going? Will you finish your bachelor in 3 years?

I will study one year longer as I am busy with quite a lot of things besides my study, like having fun with my roommates or friends and doing committee work. I really like it to do more than just studying and then it is likely you have to take more time for your study. Next year, I have to write my thesis and do some courses and I might also start working part time to get some working experience.

What else do you like to do in your free time? Do you do sports or have any hobbies?

I recently started running again, which I enjoy. One hobby is definitely playing Mario Kart with my roommates. Now and then we just play a casual game. We all have Mii-avatars and recreated known persons. For example, I am usually ‘rookvrouw Joke’.

Unfortunately, I was not familiar with ‘rookvrouw Joke’ so we looked her up. If you don’t know her, please click the following link: as it is hilarious.

What is your favourite Mario kart level?

I wanted to say ‘Rainbow Road’, but that is too mainstream.

I admit that the only level I know is ‘Rainbow Road’ and ‘Moo Moo Meadows’. We agree upon ‘Moo Moo Meadows’ being a cool level because of the cows and debate whether the ‘dogs’ are present there as well. At this point Jorrit walks in and he tells us the ‘dogs’ are ‘Chain Chomps’ and in which level they are.

Do you have any pets?


Do you want any pets later?

Yes, I would like to have a dog.

What kind of dog? A big dog or a small one?

A medium sized dog like a border collie. I don’t want such a small rat-like dog. And I wouldn’t say no to a Labrador, but that is maybe too big.

When did you become active within CognAC?

Halfway my first year I joined the TraC. From the beginning of my study I was actively joining activities to socialize with others. The TraC started slowly, so that was a nice first committee. In my second year I also joined the Party&Co.

What is your favourite committee?

The Party&Co, because I liked it to organize the parties. But of course also the External Committee and TraC. I really like it to organize big events.

Were you sad when the Party&Co was disbanded?

Yes quite. The old Party&Co existed for one and a half years and then we thought we could hand it to the next committee, but as there was only one interested person, this wasn’t possible. I hoped our legacy would be greater.

Which committees are on your wish list?

No clue, last year I thought I really wanted to do the XC and the AC, but now I did the XC and as the SpoC was disbanded as well I am also already part of the AC.

If you had to organize a committee, what would it be?

I think a Party&Co, it is still a rough idea, but they could organize an open party for CognAC, for example.

Why do you think you became AI*?

Well, I think because I did quite some committees and was chair of the XC this year.

Here, I admit that we made Max AI* out of pity as his committees like the Party&Co and the SpoC were disbanded and we wanted to give him something. Jk. Max is valuable.

Do you like to travel?

Yes, this summer I am going to Vietnam, which I am really excited for. I have interrailed in Europa before and I have also been to Nepal. I went there on my own after my high school graduation. I did it for the challenge, to see how independent I could be in a different country.

Why did you pick Nepal?

Well, I worked enough that year to be able to afford it and I liked it to go bit farther away. Nepal is a nice combination of culture and beautiful nature. They have a mix of Buddhism and Hinduism, with the best of both things and therefore Nepalese people are extremely nice. I also didn’t see any crime there. I liked it that I could do different things. The first week I was in the capital, the second week I was close by a natural park and in the third week I made trip through the Himalaya mountains.

The last week I also did some volunteer work where I taught several classes at a school. The classes could get quite chaotic, but I managed. It could be quite difficult to understand the people there as their pronunciation was sometimes quite odd.

Anouk enters the bk to use the microwave.

Would Nepal also be your number 1 travel advice for others?

If you go to Nepal, you should go there for the people. The nature there is beautiful, but there aren’t really nice buildings, due to the big earthquake in 2016.

Which achievement are you most proud of in your life?

Max has to think for a bit whilst Anouk uses the microwave and there is more conversation about ‘rookvrouw Joke’.

I think my biggest achievement is that when I had to do my 4th year again in high school, I kind of changed my work and life ethic and did more my best at school and also got a job. I am proud that I changed so abruptly and got more proactive.

Do you have more hidden talents besides imitating ‘rookvrouw Joke’? Are you for example a good cook?

Well, I have worked in the kitchen of a restaurant for three years so I would say I’m a pretty decent cook and I also quite like to cook. I would like to work in a restaurant again, but it doesn’t pay much. I quit my job in a restaurant at home home to become a TA for programming 1 and that paid almost twice as much. However, the work there was very nice with all my colleagues with the occasional drink afterwards.

What is your life motto?

Max thinks of this question for quite some time, but as it is difficult to answer, I asked him a question of similar importance.

What is your favourite craft beer?

Kasteelbier Tripel.

Meanwhile Anouk gives us some inspirational life mottos like: Life is a like a frikandel, you’ve got to make it special yourself. Or wear something positive, that always fits. Thanks Anouk.

We look up a picture of Max’ favourite craft beer which appears to really be called a ‘Kasteelbier Donker’.

What kind of pet should CognAC get?

A kangaroo, because it is a smart animal that stands on 2 legs, is soft and can also punch well.

There is more discussion about all the animals that stand upright on 2 legs like monkeys and ‘vogels’.

Do you have any last shout outs?

Shout out to the Party&Co, External Committee, board without Fien (Francesca screams joyously) and ofcourse Joke!