Published on: 18 August 2019
Written by: Kim Bladder

Every other year, the Travel Committee, also known as the TraC, organises a trip for the members of CognAC. The next trip will be held on 23 April 2020 – 1 May 2020 (SAVE THE DATE!!). Since the spots always fill up very quicklly, we want you to have an extra chance to get one before the enrollments open!

Missed the Reveal Event? Click here to see the Video!

The game will go as follows. We will drop two hints during the orientation week and the next hint during the first CognAC evening on 3 Sept. From then on we keep on dropping one hint per week until week 40. On the 2nd of October during the break we will give some more information about the trip. Besides, that will be the moment where we reveal the location and announce the winners. Yes you read it right winnerS! Both a first year and a 2+ year will get a spot!


You can start guessing from the 3rd of september (23:59). Please don't send in your guesses before. At the CognAC evening we will open the Google Form where you can fill in the city (not just the country). The first one who guesses the city correctly will be assured of a spot on the trip. You have two chances, the last guess you send us will count. People who try to cheat or send more than two guesses will be excluded from the game! So don’t even try to cheat.


Also don’t forget to look out for some fake hints. We’re thrilled to see your answers and hopefully you will join us in April!


Hints overview:
Hint #1


Hint #2


Hint #3


Hint #4:


Hint #5:

Hint #6:

Hint #7:

And here is a QR code to the form:

Or you can just use this link:

Good luck!