Published on: 16 September 2019
Written by: Maiek Berkhof

The wait is finally over: the CognAC merchandise is back!

You can buy shirts, jackets, sweatpants and undies every quarter. And to top it off, every quartile, you can order a special item: this time it's CognAC caps!

This year, we have moved the CognAC items back to the form. This means that we do not sell any merch anymore in our board room. So if you want to order any of those, make sure to check out the form as well.

The CognAC stickers have been temporarily removed from the form, since we ran out of them. We have ordered new ones though, we’ll let you know when you can pick them up again!

What exactly can you order? Check out the form here! The deadline of ordering is Sunday the 20th of October: so you’ll have your precious CognAC items after the exams!

Kind regards,

The Board