Published on: 25 September 2019
Written by: Aline Boels

Aline fucked up and deleted the voice recording of this interview. Because of that, a lot of the fun jokes and answers of Sigur got deleted, the interview might seem less spontaneous and there are not a lot of reactions from Aline. Thank you Sigur for helping me with answering all the questions again, you are the best <3

Can you tell something about yourself?

Hi, my name is Sigur and I’m 20 years old and I’m from yeboi Culemborg. I’m 20 years old but still behave like a 12 year old. I’m in my third year of AI.

Do you have any siblings?

Yes, one brother and one sister and they are twins. My parents are divorced so I also have one step brother and sister, but they are way older than me.

Why did you choose to study in Nijmegen?

When I was in high school, I already came here a lot because my mother’s ex lived here. Then when I had to choose where to study it was either Nijmegen or Utrecht. My two best friends from high school were also going to study in Nijmegen so I decided to join them.

How is your study going? Will you finish your bachelor in 3 years?

My study is going pretty well, but I won’t finish it in 3 years. I’m not smart enough and I also want to enjoy my time as a student. But I pass most of my courses with an eight and I still remember the important information if it is necessary for other courses.

What do you like to do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies and sports?

I listen to a lot of music. Mostly hip-hop and electronic music, but a bit of indie and pop as well. Last year I had listened to Spotify for over 93000 minutes, but I think I’m getting even higher this year, which is my only new year resolution. I invest much time into my (awesome) playlist called Dikke Bas (translation: thick bass). The picture is a minion I painted myself at the paint workshop last year. 

Furthermore, I watch a lot of football. I used to play football but I stopped when I started studying. My favourite team is AZ. I play videogames, but board and card games even more. Ooh and I love food and cooking. Together with my girlfriend we cook many exotic dishes. I have a Moroccan tajine at home in which you can cook very tasty dishes. But I like all kinds of food, except for white chocolate and eggplant.

What video games do you play?

Fifa 14 world cup, Eternal Sonate, Detroit: become Human, GTA IV and V, LEGO Batman, Pokémon and many more.

Do you have a job?

Yes, I work at mise en place together with Evelien. It is very nice, since we work at festivals and sometimes you are already done working before the festival starts, so then you can just enjoy the festival. This summer I worked at Down the Rabbit Hole and Solar. At DTRH I saw all the artists I wanted to see, and slowthai was the best. Last year I worked at Lowlands, at which I saw Kendrick Lamar and Brockhampton.

Did you visit any other festivals?

Yes, I went to Woo-Hah but that was really disappointing, because the artists put in weak performances and all 16 year olds that smoke weed and swear all day. The year before I went to We Are Electric which still is my favourite visited festival. The year before I visited Dour. This fall I’m going to concerts of Metronomy, James Blake and Denzel Curry. And if I can find a ticket for Zwangere Guy I will go there as well.

Somewhere in the interview a guy walked in to offer us cheese rolls, since he knew the CognAC board of several years ago and he liked them. Pretty random, but Sigur got to enjoy a free cheese roll.

Do you have any pets?

Yes, at my father’s place we have a border coli. It is called Skye and she is super cute. Her lower jaw is to short so her tongue is always sticking out and we think she has some sort of ADHD because she runs around whole day and she even holds races against her reflection in windows, mirrors and the water. We also have a big bird cage in the garden with several species.

Do you want any pets later?

Yes I want a dog. My girlfriend wants a cat, but I dislike cats so I always make jokes that we are going to get a dead cat as a pet. I think having a snake is extremely cool as well, but you have to feed it mice and I’m really scared of mice, even if they are dead.

What country do you want to visit?

Mexico, Brasil, Peru, Canada (Toronto???????), South-Africa and many countries in Asia. I would like to visit Croatia, Turkey and Egypt again. My favourite food is Asian. Sushi, Thai curries, noodles and Chinese. Last week I cooked Mongolian Beef with my girlfriend.

Do you like living on your own?

Yes. After my orientation week I didn’t want to go back home because I got so used to living on my own. I do not visit Culemborg much anymore, but I see my parents enough because we just have dinner somewhere in Utrecht, Den Bosch or here in Nijmegen.

When did you become active within CognAC?

I was already going to a lot of activities in my first year, but I didn't become active in committees until my second year when I became chair of the MC and I did a lot for the OrC. And I still go to many activities.

What is your favourite committee?

Surely not the MC. So then the OrC is left. Easy question 10/10.

Which committees are on your wish list?

Only the DAtA, so Jamie please accept me. Together with some others we are planning to organise many original drinks.

Why do you think you became AI*?

Because I carried the OrC on my back. No prank others also helped me, but I think I did quite a large part of the Orientation Week. And I survived being chair MC. At the moment I was chosen I was member of the WkC as well, but finally I became AI* so I could leave.

What do you think CognAC really needs?

A yearly football tournament and a big new music forum. And a big poster of me.

Are you looking forward to the lustrum year next year?

I didn’t know the lustrum would be next year. But at the moment I’m not really looking forward to it because I haven’t ever thought about it.

Are you looking forward to the WkC and TraC?

Yes, I enjoyed the weekend last year and the year before I went to Budapest with the Trac, and I want to join both again this year. Last year I was pretty annoying at the weekend and I want to do that again, which is another reason why I left the WkC.

Which achievement are you most proud of in your life?

That I became so extremely cool and handsome. And that I’m studying AI and doing quite well. Furthermore I haven’t achieved that much in my life.

What is your life motto?

That not every choice has to result in the best option, just choose what is good enough. I didn’t know which study I wanted to do of the options I had, but it doesn’t matter if I would have more fun at another study because I don’t know.

Imagine: you come home after a long day, you don’t have a lot of money left. However, you would like to have a nice meal. What do you cook?

Pasta Amatriciana. It is very easy and cheap. First you cook garlic and onions, after that you add bacon. Then add sieved tomatoes and tabasco. You could add paprika to have some vegetables. I haven’t figured out a way to make this pasta as good without bacon. I don’t want to turn full vegetarian, but I try to eat vegetarian when I eat on my own.

What question would you ask yourself?

What are your favourite albums? Then I would answer: Do you mean of all time or only 2019? And then you say either one of those and I could talk about music for a very long time.

Do you have any last shout outs?

Yes, to my girlfriend. No one else.