Published on: 08 December 2019
Written by: Maiek Berkhof

It’s time!

Time for what?

Time to order the annual CognAC sweater of 2019-2020! This slightly confusing but extremely awesome sweater, designed by Manon de Jonge, will keep you warm during the cold days. It’s available as a hoodie (€17.50) and a crewneck sweater (€15) and in several cool colours, so there is absolutely no reason not to order one :D

Sounds very nice! But… wait… what about the warmer days of the year?

Well, funny that you ask, imaginary other half of this conversation. We have something for during the warmer days as well! Carla Schindler designed a stylish t-shirt that’s available in both black and white (€10). So, you can order an annual special for all kinds of weather this year, isn’t that cool?


The specials can be ordered until Sunday January 5th, 2020, at [you can also check out the designs in detail on the form!] 😊

Thank you for designing these awesome specials, Manon and Carla! :) 



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