Published on: 23 February 2020
Written by: Kim Bladder

But actually written by: Fien Ockers

As most committees consist of Bachelor students and their activities are also focused on Bachelor students, for example regarding informational level, and it is found that the Masters consist of a somewhat different audience, long, long ago, the Masters Committee was invented. But what does the MaC actually do?


The MaC

The purpose of the Master Committee is to organize fun and informational activities for Masters throughout the year, so they can bond together. This begins with the two day during orientation at the beginning of the year, which has proven to be valuable, especially for (international) Masters that are new to Radboud University They can get to know the campus and they can make some new friends.

However, the attendance of Master activities has become lower and lower, which also isn’t surprising, I found out this year, as you are quite busy as a master student during your internship or thesis, and you aren’t as often on University as your are in your Bachelor. Thus, activities really need to be relevant to attract Master students.


My experience

I joined the MaC on the last BaMa (Bachelor Master) bonding as it only had a few members at the time. I saw the MaC as quite a challenging committee as it isn’t too easy to come up with fun and/or interesting activities that Masters haven’t done before or is too easy for them. Therefore, this year we have tried to do some research and ask Masters what they are in need of and how we can adapt our activities for this. Our first activity will be held in February to play some board games and get to know the current Masters and ask them what they would like to do or would like to know.


If you want the MaC to organize something specific, feel free to contact us! If you want to help the MaC to organize nice activities with the goal described above, join us and email Jamie at