Published on: 13 March 2020
Written by: Maiek Berkhof

Update 2, 16-03-2020

Dear members and benefactors,

We have two more updates we would like to share with you, regarding our measurements around COVID-19. This update will also be added to the COVID-19 Updates blog post
on our website. 

First of all, all CognAC activities that were supposed to take place between now and April 6th have been cancelled. However, together with our members, we are planning to organise online activities as a substitution for these cancelled activities. The first activity we will organise is the CognAC E-vening on Tuesday March 17th, from 20:00 until 22:00, on our CognAC discord (join here!). If you have ideas for online CognAC activities, don't hesitate to contact us! We'd love to hear your input. 

If the measurements from the government will be extended, all CognAC activities that fall in the period of these measurements will be cancelled. 

Furthermore, we will do virtual board room hours on Discord until at least April 6th. The time slots remain the same. If you have any questions or if you would just like to chat outside the board room hours, feel free to send us a private message on Discord instead. 

We hope you are doing well. Take care, and see you on Discord! 


The board

Update 1, 13-03-2020

Dear members and benefactors, 

Due to the recent course of affairs regarding the new Corona virus (COVID-19), we want to update you on where we as CognAC stand in all this, and what measures we are taking to prevent spreading of the virus as much as possible. We are currently following the policies given by the government and the university when making decisions regarding the Corona virus. 

As you probably know, the university has cancelled all classes on campus. You can find updates from the university here. We would like to add that the Huygens canteens have been closed until further notice. 

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the League of Legends tournament. The Proud 2B Faudt party that was supposed to take place next Tuesday has been cancelled as well. The CognAC evening will still take place. More information about the organisation of activities will follow soon.

We strongly advise you to not attend any CognAC activities if you are feeling ill. Please take care of your own health and the health of the people around you: stay at home if you are feeling ill to prevent contamination. Furthermore, we would like to stress that if you do not feel like coming to CognAC activities or any other event in general, you do not have to. Your health is the most important.  

If you have to stay home due to illness, please remember to keep in touch with friends and family! Social distancing to prevent spreading of the virus does not at all mean that you should not have any contact with others. 

We understand that it can be very lonely to stay inside for a long time. We'd like to stress that  the Faculty of Science offers Student Aid, if you need someone to talk to. Keep an eye out for each other!

We have set up a CognAC discord that can be used by CognAC members and benefactors to stay in touch with each other during the upcoming weeks. You can join the Discord here.

Please take care of yourself. We hope to see you all again very soon! 


The board