Published on: 24 October 2020
Written by: Noa Baijens

Can you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Kim and I’m turning 20 tomorrow, so by the time people read this interview, I will be 20. I am a third year student even though I’m still getting used to saying that. I’m from Deurne, which is in Noord-Brabant. I lived there my entire life, until I moved to Nijmegen 1,5 year ago.


How did you become active within CognAC?

In my first year I wanted to try out a committee, so I joined the Parent’s day Committee. This was great because I wanted to do something more serious, but I also didn’t want to join a committee that would take a lot of time. I met some older year students there as well and I really liked that there is one day you’re all working towards together.


Well I guess you really liked it, because after that you applied for the board!

Yesss so that did take a little more time, and I also joined way more committees hahaha. But my board year was great! It was actually really great. It wasn’t the year we expected beforehand, because of COVID, but it was still really nice. Especially the first half year was really fun.

I actually ordered 6 photo albums just now, for my whole board. I made them myself and even in just half a year of really seeing each other, I could fill 44 pages because I had.. 700 pictures.


700?! What’s your favorite picture out of all of them?

It’s this one (it's at the bottom of the interview). It was taken at the beta gala, unfortunately Sven is missing ☹, but it’s really spontaneous and I’m really glad that the photographer just took the picture even though we were laughing and it didn’t work at all.


You already said that it was quite different towards the end..

Yeah. It was really sad because all things that make a board year really nice, like sitting in the board room together, talking to each other about everything and going out together and seeing a lot of people, it all just suddenly stopped.

On the other hand, it was also interesting that we got to do something nobody had done before. It was all new for everyone and we actually had to do something that no one could really help us with. It’s all difficult but you also learn a lot from handling a crisis situation like this.


Nice to hear that you also got a nice experience out of it. So what’s the first thing you’re going to do after Corona regulations are lifted?

Hmm. Probably a big group hug. I (safely!) celebrated my birthday today and I couldn’t hug anyone, even though I’m usually a big hugger.


What’s your favorite committee?

I would still say the TraC. I joined that at the end of my first year, when Corona was far away and we were all still so hopeful. Of course it was a big disappointment that the trip didn’t happen, but it was still a really nice committee. That’s also why I’m chairing it right now! Because I really like the concept of the committee, and I really hope we can do .. something? this year. The committee is still hyped! A bit sad, maybe a bit traumatized, but it’s a really fun group and I still really like it.

I will be done after this year though, if it still can’t go on, hahaha. We can give new people a chance. We have a lot of cities we looked into before choosing Toronto. We could just go with the TraC alone to  one of them and leave everyone else home. Hmm.. I would actually love a TraC holiday. Could we do that as a TrOnion???

Kim and I are just joking of course… or are we? Yeah we are, haha. Or not?


I’m gonna stay at the CognAC questions a bit longer. What does CognAC really need according to you?

I actually looked up the interviews I wrote last year and the questions that are always asked so I could think of them beforehand, but I didn’t think of this one. Uuhhhh let me think.

Oooh I know!! The bèta kroeg! Okay so, Noa and I saw that the Next Level (R.I.P.) location was being rented out. And we thought, okay, what if Olympus takes it over, and then we turn it into a bèta kroeg! It actually might work. We created a whole business model where every bèta student can pay like €1 per month to get access to the bar and then they can also get really cheap beer there. We don’t want to pay for staff so the members also have to work like 1 or 2 nights a year behind the bar. For a DJ, we just make a group playlist on Spotify, which might actually be a terrible idea.. All you need to do then is throw some beer on the floor and it’s just like TKB! Ah, I miss going out ☹

Kim and I discuss the details of the business plan some more. Non-bètas are welcome but have to pay the regular price for beer, we close early on Beestfeest nights, etc. etc. We are open for investors by the way.


As you said before, you’ve taken some of these AI* interviews yourself. What was your favorite question to ask people?

Hmm, it depended on the person. There were some people where you just had to ask one question and then you’d get a whole story from them, which was really funny. The last interview I did was with Marleen, and at some point we were suddenly talking about penguins. She showed me a video and everything. I don’t actually know how it happened but it just did and it was great.


Outside of CognAC, what other hobbies do you have?

I like to play Volleyball at Heyendaal, the volleyball association. I also like to read a book, watch Netflix, listen to some music, drawing..


What kind of stuff do you like to draw?

I have a bullet journal, where I keep all my to do lists and that kind of stuff. I do a monthly spread that I make really pretty, and then I work on weekly spreads with some notes that I also make pretty. It’s hard to describe! People can just google ‘bullet journal’ and they’ll get an idea. I mostly get my inspiration from Pinterest.


What kind of music do you listen to?

If I had to describe my favorite music, it would be Latin pop. But I also like regular pop music. My last concert before lockdown was from the Jonas Brothers, it was really good hahaha. It’s nice to look back on.


What a coincidence! I was there too! So, as AI* you got gifted a cutting board. What is your favorite recipe that you’re gonna make on that?

Yes I did! It’s really really cute. I heard Laura burned her hand while putting my name on it? True, so only people with short names can be AI* this year. Sorry guys. I haven’t used it yet because for now I keep it in my room and not in the kitchen. But my favorite student meal is noodles, with precut vegetables so I still can’t use the cutting board for that hahaha, but I can use it for cutting chicken! Or as a plate when I’m too lazy to walk to the kitchen for that.


Ugh it’s so multifunctional, amazing. Do you already have an idea of what you want to do after your studies?

After my bachelor I want to do a master. Probably AI or Data Science here in Nijmegen as I still really like the city. And then maybe after my studies I want to go see the world for a year or half a year. Just travel, because I’ve never been really far or anything. I was actually supposed to go to Thailand this summer with my family, but then corona happened. Maybe we’ll still go next year if.. Yeah if, haha. We’ll see.

I also really really really want to go to South-America. Like I said I love the music, and I really want to learn Spanish. I would also like to see more of Spain itself but I think going to Latin-America would be really nice. Then I can teach myself some Spanish, learn about the different cultures there. Maybe it’s not such a good idea during Corona, but that will hopefully be over after I finish my masters.

I would also like to travel through the USA once. Just go there once and travel from the east coast to the west coast.

Ohja and after the travelling, I will probably search for a job at a company and work there. I feel really entrepreneurial right now, but I want to get some experience first.


What’s the favorite place you visited ever?

Well of course I really enjoyed our imaginary trip to Toronto on the CogBlog, but my favorite place so far is Rome. I went there with my family in 2016 and it was really nice. We went in May so the weather was really nice but not too hot, and it’s a really cozy city even though it’s so big. I also went to Edinburgh this summer which had kind of the same vibe, but then more up north I guess. And I also really liked that it was not so big, but there was still a lot to see. It had the cute town vibes, but then in a city. That’s also why I like Nijmegen so much! This is also a big city that feels more like a small town. Okay maybe it is not so big, but it’s still a city so it counts.


I totally get the comparison! What is your favorite inspirational quote?

I already thought you would ask me that! It usually says motto right?

Maybe, but I know you really like inspirational quotes.

I do! I have an album on my phone with all the inspirational quotes I collected a few years ago. It’s like 200 pictures.

Oh my god Kim you’re such a mom.

Okay let me find some. Some also have minions!

Here Kim shows me a few of the pictures. The first one says “Don’t give up on your dreams” in 5 different fonts on a picture of the skyline of New York. The second one is a minion one that says “I will slap you so hard, even Google won’t be able to find you” (okay that’s pretty good). The third one says “to all who can see this, I hope something good happens to you today” in front of a sunset. Kim denies all my ‘Facebook mom’ comments because she didn’t get them from Facebook!

This goes on for a bit. I ask her to send them all to me.

I think you should make your own Instagram page, so we can all get an inspirational quote a day from Kim.

Hahaha we already talked about this! When I applied for the board my friends said that if I became Secretary instead of Treasurer, that I should then make the weekly meme a weekly inspirational quote. I said I’d think about it.

Now that I think of it, that could also be what CognAC really needs according to me. My answer is a weekly inspirational quote! I have over 200 so I can send you one every week to put in the weekly mail! Maybe people need this!


I don’t think I need 200, but I can use the ones you just sent me right? By the way you’re currently preparing CognAC’s sixth lustrum with the LC. How is that?

It’s nice! I actually can’t tell you exactly what I do in the committee, because it’s connected to all the activities we’re organizing. There are a lot of subcommittees within the committee so you can do a bit of everything. For example, you can be in a party subcommittee if you want, but can also think about the promotion and stuff like that. We just did the theme reveal which we were all really excited about!

Unfortunately it’s also a bit.. stressful. Because we really don’t know if the lustrum can continue in the way we want it to. We do have a lot of great ideas though, so if it can I think the week will be really great. I also think that some of the activities that we have right now could go on with 1.5 meters distance, but we really hope that we can just party. Just write in the interview that it will be fine, and maybe then it will!


Yes! We are manifesting! Now we are already at the last question: what is your biggest achievement?

Hmm this is hard because I feel like I have not done a lot, but at the same time I have. I think, actually, that it was my board year. Not really being in it, but applying for it. When I first started this study and joined the association, I never thought I would apply for such a thing. It’s a big achievement for myself. And then the whole board year, I just learned so much! I’ll never forget it.


*sniff sniff*

Oh but we are not done yet! It’s time for shoutouts!

I would like to give a shoutout to my board, the 29th board. The 30th board as well, of course. All the committees I’m in: the AlmanaC, the TraC, the LC, the AuC, the Senate, hmm I just left the OrC but them as well. Oh and to you, for the interview.

So sweeeet, thanks for the interview Kim!