Published on: 11 November 2020
Written by: Lelia Erscoi

Have you ever felt frustrated with internationals not knowing bike etiquette? Are you an international yourself and can't figure out how to deal with the constantly cold and rainy weather? Are you a student who just wants to meet new people from various backgrounds? You're in luck! The International Committee is up and running again (and you should definitely join)!


The InC:

Sugar, spice, and everything nice- that's, in a nutshell, what the International Committee is. It is a safe space where people can bond over their differences and grow together. If you want to talk about some bizarre tradition a country may have, to share a dinner with some lovely people and shake the loneliness away, or would really like to have a long debate on why tompouces are the best, this is definitely the place to be! The InC can also be anything you want- we are open for any amazing (or funny) suggestions towards what we can organise. Even better you can join us and make new friends as well as learning some new experiences!


My Experience:

Previously, InC was very busy organizing trips and making sure all the new-comers in CognAC and AI have their  "The Netherlands 101" up to date. It was a very wholesome experience, and it felt like we were a family. A crazy one, for sure, but a family nonetheless. The new InC is meant to help with this feeling of belonging, as well as with the opportunity to discover new cultures. Of course, there are so many ways to achieve this, so you can let your creative side thrive with this committee. We hope that it's a great starting point if you want to connect to others but don't know how, as well as a way to ensure CognAC's international sparkle shines ever so bright. Especially with these troubling times, this can be a great opportunity to celebrate everyone's unique personality, as well as to unravel what each person is going through. After all, we're all in this together!

Do you want to organize activities in this sense? Then you should definitely sign up by sending an email to