Published on: 27 February 2021
Written by: Yael Raz


Spring is just around the corner, and with the new season approaching a lot of exciting things are about to happen. Are you set for a spring romance? Maybe a boost in your career? All will be revealed in this month’s issue of the PaparaC Horoscope! The stars have predicted you will be very curious to find out ;)




19 February - 20 March

The sun is getting brighter every day, this fills you with energy! The sun is (as you know) also a star, and it wants to see you enjoy this month! Make sure to spend enough time sitting around doing nothing and soaking up sun rays. Eating breakfast while sitting in the sunlight will recharge you even more than usual, and it will guarantee you will have an awesome day!



21 March - 19 April

Something sparkled in you this month, you seem to march (HA!) in the right direction. With the trees getting ready to bloom, so are you! This is a great time to focus on yourself for a second (you deserve it ;)). Not being able to believe you have spent a year in captivity you should try to redefine yourself once we get out of this mess. People will be surprised by the new you, it is your decision what kind of surprise though!



20 April - 20 May

Spring is coming up, and so is your inspiration! You see the most intriguing and beautiful in the smallest things, giving you a fulfilling feeling and generally happy vibes :). The everlasting lockdown is trying to go against your sunshine though, don't let it get you down. Fuel that motivation to go outside, think about the beautiful things in life! 



21 May - 20 June

Pick flowers, not fights. You will face some challenges this month, but with the right attitude you will go unscathed. The stars predict you will also be forced to make a very tough decision this month, do not rush to make your decision. The colour yellow is your lucky colour the coming weeks, and you might also want to take note of the numbers 2, 57 and 83. 



21 June - 22 July

You were really in need of a change, which is why spring is coming just at the right time. You feel conflicted because even though you are feeling better and better, those around you seem to be doing less well. Because you are so sensitive to this, you will want to spend all your time helping others, but remember to cherish your own happy moments! Sundays are your most challenging days.



23 July - 22 August

Drama is coming your way, but you like it. The days inside have not done you any good and are causing you to crave some tea. Desperation took its toll and you started something totally irrational with random people. Watch out you do not hurt the important people, because that will get you in some trouble.



23 August - 22 September

The superhero prize of this month goes out to you. You suddenly have grown 5 extra helping hands which you put to good use. There is one thing a little off though; no one is showing you any gratitude for your hard work. Stay true to yourself, because you know that what you did was good, let it fuel your pride. Reflect what these people mean to you, and what they do for you. You might just discover that you don't need them...



23 September - 22 October

The stars are aligned for you this month! You are going to be a real support for your loved ones, and also to those who you might not even know rely on you. You will be extremely successful in your academic achievements this month, take advantage of that to prepare for the oncoming exam weeks! You are also going to invent an amazing dish this month, don’t be afraid to share that joy with friends or family!



23 October - 21 November

Like your star sign can let you know, stinging hurts. Especially in the heart. Even more when it is someone you love. Funny thing is though, you know it is your own fault. You should have been more open, interested and caring. That person is waiting for you though, to express these feelings for a long time. Just because it happened does not mean you cannot do something about it, so take every cheesy pickup line you have and show that certain someone how you feel!



22 November - 21 December

Finally springtime is coming around the corner! Long walks, sunglasses, iced coffee and more; you’ve been needing this. With the brightness of the sun, your own brightness increases and you feel more excited about everything to come! Make sure to meet up with as many friends as is safe and share the happiness! Though you must be wary not to ‘Icarus’ your way into some trouble...  



22 December - 19 January

It's all feeling like hay fever to you. The uncomfortable feeling of having to sneeze but you don't, represents quite good how you are feeling: On edge. The starting advice: let yourself fall off the edge and fully embrace it. Only when we acknowledge what we are feeling will be open for the greatest change. Find a person you trust to open your heart to, and find comfort in that. Things can not always go the way you want them to, so don't fight it!



20 January - 18 February

You are not having the greatest time, but admitting that is the first step to making it better. This month is all about taking care of yourself, which also means taking the time to relax in this great weather. The sun makes everything look better, apply this to your life. You should be wary of anything involving the numbers 4 and 58, though 2, 3, 57 and 59 are your lucky numbers.