Published on: 04 March 2021
Written by: Sven Berberich


Are you an aspiring visual artist? Do you like to draw/design mock-ups/make scenes with 3d model? We have a challenge for you!


The WebC is working hard every day to bring you a totally new and absolutely awesome cognac website, but right now we need your help! We want to make our very own, CognAC style "404: page not found" status page. We are down to try anything - simplistic empty head designs, 3d confused robot animations, real life pictures of bewildered CognACers - the sky's the limit.

The person with the best submission will also get their own easter egg page on the new website! Sick, right? So hurry up and send your submissions to before the 11th of April!!

The submission can be an animation, image, gif or anything else that fits into an HTML page. The only limitation is that is should fit the style of the new website. To give you a bit on an idea, here you can see an empty page of the new website with all the colors of the CognAC color scheme:

And here are the color codes: