Published on: 08 March 2021
Written by: Yael Raz



The SymCo might be one of the lesser known CognAC committees, but they are responsible for one of the biggest events our association organizes. Want to know more about what event that is, how they make it happen and how fun it could be to join? Read all about the SymCo here!



The SymCo:

What does the SymCo do?

The Symposium Committee organizes the annual symposium of CognAC, called ACAIS. We make sure there is a nice location, interesting speakers, and lunch and drinks for everyone. Basically, we organise a full day of interesting talks!


When is the SymCo most active?

The SymCo is active throughout the whole year. We start the organization process in September and continue even after the symposium (which is usually around May). Luckily, the tasks are very well divided based on workload and interest. Do you have more time at the start, and do you want to look for speakers but don’t want to have anything to do with promo? This is possible!


Can you describe the SymCo in three words?

Educational, long-term, and fun!



Our Experience:

What is the most enjoyable part of being in the SymCo?

You get to learn how to organize something on the long-term in a more professional setting. A whole-day symposium is not nothing and at the end of the year – you will have organized one!


What is the most valuable skill you learnt from being in the SymCo?

Keeping an overview. It’s very easy to think ‘you still have time later in the year’ when you organize something for multiple months. However, you need to learn how all the steps are planned and why and how everything falls together along the way – it’s all about the preparations.


What is the biggest disappointment you’ve experienced in your time at the SymCo?

Because you work so hard towards one goal for such a long time, it can be really difficult if people don’t like it as much as you do, if speakers do not respond, or if the number of participants is not as high as usually. This teaches you to manage hopes and reality while never losing enthusiasm.


How would you describe the perfect new member of the SymCo? 

You don’t have to have experience with symposium, educational activities, or you don’t even really have to like symposia. As long as you like working towards one organizational goal and you want to gain some experience with ‘professional communication and organization’ – SymCo is the place to be!



If this look into the SymCo has got you all excited to join, all you need to do is send an email to to sign up!