Published on: 15 April 2021
Written by: Elizardo Laclé

Due to privacy reasons, the invitation links to the clubs had to be removed from this blog post (as it is publicly accessible). If you stil wish to join one or multiple of them, feel free to contact


England recently opened pubs and in New Zealand you can go to festivals, so what about here in Nijmegen? Well, the board came up with a solution! We will go clubbing!

The board has set up a few clubs where you can discuss your favourite subjects. The clubs will be a WhatsApp group chat that you can join via the links below. If you are interested just click the link and start exploring!



Board games Club:

Do you love having a chill evening with friends where you can just play some games? Or are you a competitive player who will make everyone go broke in Monopoly? Then this is the club for you! In the board games club, you can talk about some fun games and possibly even organise a board game evening together!


Club Sandwich (Recipes):

Are you an undercover chef who loves sharing their favourite new recipes? Or are you perhaps a student who could really use some input to change their ramen diet? Then this is the club for you! In the Club Sandwich Club, everyone can share their ideas about good (or bad) recipes and discuss them.


Creative Club:

Do you want to share your creativity with others or do you feel like you want some more input about your works? then you should definitely join the Creative Club! In here you can share your works and check out works from others. This could be poetry, paintings, photographs, drawings, almost anything!


Movies/Series Club: 

Did you also have many theories about WandaVision? Or were you just as surprised as Jack when the Titanic sunk? Well either way you should join the Movies/Series Club! This is the place to share your favourite movies, series and even your most ridiculous theories about them!


Music Club:

Is your music taste elite to all others? Or do you want to discover some new music genres? If you do you should definitely join the Music Club! You can share your favourite playlists, artists or even your own produced music to get other people as excited about the music as you!


Reading Club:

Do you also hate it when a book-based movie doesn't capture the entire plot? Or are you someone who has already read the entire series before Netflix can even say the word 'adaptation'? Then the Reading Club is yours to be. You can exchange your novels, your stories about them, or even just set up a discussion about a specific book.


Video Games Club:

Did you discover a new hobby during lockdown that makes use of a screen? Or were you already active behind your screen before everyone was forced to sit behind one? Then you can find some new teammates (or enemies) in here! The Video Game Club is here to help you settle that!


Walking Club:

Do you need some time off your laptop but do not know how exactly? Or do you really want to go for a walk but do not know where? Then you should help each other out in the Walking Club! This is the place to be when you aren't out in nature (or the city) walking, to share your favourite locations or find a walking buddy!


Kogvet & CognAC club:

The Sweden Committee and Kogvet (our Swedish sister association) have also set up a groupchat! In there you can discuss almost anything! The group can also be used to talk about the exchange between our assocations. Both the SweC and Kogvet are looking forward to seeing you pop by!



If you feel like you are missing a club just send me a message via