Published on: 06 May 2021
Written by: Yael Raz




Little lambs frolicking in the fields, flowers blooming and the sun shining. May is here and the Council of CognAC Astrologers has a new prediction for all of you lovely CognACcies! Do you want to know if your spring will begin with happy ducklings or with cloudy skies? Read below and find out ;)









20 April - 20 May

Not unlike the weather, you seem to be stuck in the past. It’s important to let go of grudges you have been holding on to in order to continue to grow. Taking care of yourself sometimes means pushing yourself to overcome the uncomfortable things in life. The rewards will outweigh the costs this month, the universe wants you to learn to trust the process.




21 May - 20 June 

Reflect on your past for a second this month. What has happened? What have you achieved? You may find that you have been holding on to something for too long. Next to this, be proud of where you have come so far, life is not easy and for the past few weeks it has been increasingly hard. It is time to heal from these past hardships and move on. How, you ask? Work on yourself and meditate or do yoga and become more connected to your spirit.




21 June - 22 July

You had so much hope for spring that you couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed at what it turned out to be. Learning to manage expectations is your mission this month, and although it may seem like that means changing a lot about yourself in the end you will come out a more balanced person. You are unsure about someone’s intentions this May, the stars warn you to stay critical. 




23 July - 22 August

Positive energy has been flowing through your veins. It seems to have given you magical social powers which helps you make new friends and have good conversations. There is a downside though, as the use of this power can also very easily manipulate other people, so be careful or karma will come back to sting. Community and bonds are important to everyone, do not lose them over something silly.




23 August - 22 September

Love is not on your side. You have been feeling down because this one person will not notice you in any regard whatsoever. Do not let this get you down, you have so many qualities this person is missing out on.Remember that true love has to come from both sides, not just yours. Instead, work on yourself or focus on finding a new love interest. This will prove to be a better use of your time. 




23 September - 22 October

The flowers are blooming and so is your creativity! This is the time to venture out into the world and explore new things and places. You will surprise yourself more than once this month, especially concerning your skills in the kitchen. Invite some friends over and cook them the meal of their life, they will be very grateful and you will be very proud of yourself. Your reflection is finally showing who you are inside.




23 October - 21 November

The stars have seen you take care of yourself, they want to reward you for it, but you have to open yourself up. Be mindful of your negative thoughts, and make sure that they don’t overpower you. Share your troubles with someone you trust and really listen to their advice, it will make a world of difference to see it all from a different perspective.




22 November - 21 December

Even though you have holidays in a few weeks, the pile of work seems never ending. It has been affecting your sleep, eating and living patterns; so basically distorted your whole routine. What you have to really get through your skull is that you come first. Your own health and well being stands far above a good grade. An 8 instead of a 10 is still a great achievement, you are not perfect!




22 December - 19 January

You have spent an awful lot of time in bed with Netflix on. Your motivation is at an all time low and you just can not get yourself to put in any work, even though your team members (and you) are counting on you. As there is no reason for your slacking, it is hard to find a way to get out of this slump. The cause can be anything; find it. Kill it. And get to work.




20 January - 18 February

A lot of things have been building up to this point. The shock factor will be high, but once it all falls together it will make sense. The universe is preparing you for the next chapter in your life; whether that means a new career, a new relationship or a new piece of furniture. Whatever it will be, it will make a huge impact on your life (yes even if you get a new shelf). Your lucky numbers are 4 and 6.




19 February - 20 March

This month you feel very unstable. You’re being shaken out of your routine, but luckily you will be surrounded by people willing to support you. May is your month to rely on your loved ones to help, because they really want to help you. Be vulnerable, vent all your sorrows and get all that weight off of your shoulders. 




21 March - 19 April

Your enthusiasm has grown over time. It has made it quite overwhelming to hang out with you because of the big presence in the room. Friends will leave as a consequence, but know that the real ones will stay. Do put the effort in them though, relationships have to be maintained.