Published on: 31 May 2021
Written by: Yael Raz



Exam season is upon us again, but will your June be filled with victory or misery? You may not know, but the universe does! And our amazing Council of CognAC Astrologers have translated the universe’s message to you, in this month’s PaparaC Horoscope. 





21 May - 20 June 

The party is about to get started! With your’ hard work’-month behind you, you finally have some space and time to breathe and relax. A vacation would not be a bad idea, taking some time away can do wonders. Other than that, watch out for an emotional rollercoaster, this one is not as sturdy as you think... You are vulnerable, make sure that you take good care of yourself this month.




21 June - 22 July

Stress is your nemesis this month. You don’t need to put more pressure on yourself, and you shouldn’t worry about what others expect of you. Once you realize that, you will feel the weight fall off of your shoulders. You will be surprised by a loved one soon, it is imperative that you pay attention because otherwise you might miss it ;) Magpies are a sign of good luck for you this month, if you see one start smiling because good things are coming!




23 July - 22 August

Holiday time, and you are in desperate need of social activities. Having been shut off from the world because of the piles of work has left you a little lonely. Old friends might just rekindle your happiness though, so try to reconnect with some of them. They will lift you up and find your real self again. There are only so many days till the finishing line, do not give up!




23 August - 22 September

This month you’re susceptible to illogical thinking, which doesn’t help your chances of being successful during the exam period… Luckily you know this now and you can start fighting it! Think twice before speaking, check your sources and don’t let yourself be fooled. Talking with others can help keep you grounded, so don’t be afraid of discourse, you will need it to understand and once you do it will all start falling into place. 




23 September - 22 October

While struggling to find motivation to keep up your work and daily tasks, you found yourself new hobbies. These masters of distraction have been keeping you busy till late in the evening. Make sure you have your priorities straight, as you will have to pay up for the consequences later. There is plenty of time in the summer to hone your new hobbies and make them your own!




23 October - 21 November

Energy has been flowing inside of you, yet there is no tap to let it out. You have to study, sit behind your desk all day, simply not getting any physical movement. It frustrates that you cannot spend this energy, but do not fear, your horoscope is here! Set a timer when studying, and when it goes off, do some exercises. It will create a way out for your energy and on top of that it helps you study!




22 November - 21 December

Confidence is your bread and butter this June, you will wake up with a sense of belief in yourself and your actions that will radiate onto others around you. With the sun out and the weather improving you can feel yourself becoming stronger and more sure of yourself. Hopefully this will give you the power to study for the exams and get you the grades you deserve!




22 December - 19 January

Art has seemingly taken over your life. You see meaning in every corner of your visual field as you walk the face of the earth. Do something with this inspiration! Draw, paint, sketch out what you feel or think of at that moment. Discover your own subconscious this way, and your to be unraveled secrets. Getting to know yourself is one of the most important journeys in life!




20 January - 18 February

You will feel a sense of familiar calmness overtake you. You’ve been here before and you know exactly what to do next. Just make sure your confidence doesn’t make you too cocky. “Pride cometh before the fall”; but don’t be discouraged. If you do end up falling, the universe will give you strength to get back up. You deserve what’s coming for you. You did well, you prepared and now it’s time to reap the fruits of your labour. Congratulations.




19 February - 20 March

Your private life has been a little bit of a mess. You have been in conflict with your family and you are getting sick of it. Communicate your feelings to those you love, words have more meaning than you think. They won't listen? Take action. Distance yourself from them a bit, after all, you have warned them, so it is their fault for not listening to your needs!




21 March - 19 April

Your unmatched inner fire is burning, but you don’t know what for. Confusion overtakes you this month, you are unsure of your goals and desires. The universe is confusing you on purpose, it wants you to live in the moment more. Stop thinking too much and start living life. You will find new passions this June, passions unlike ones you’ve known before… Be wary of yellow birds, they bring instability to your life.




20 April - 20 May

The things that usually comfort you seem to have a lessened impact on you. Something has unsettled you. But you will find out before the first full moon in June what exactly has been bothering you. Once you do, someone will reach out to you with a great opportunity, do not decline it! You will benefit greatly from new experiences this month, and let’s be real: you need to be shaken out of your rut a bit. Put yourself out there, break your rhythms and ignore your patterns. You will be all the happier for it.