Published on: 28 October 2016
Written by: Djamari Oetringer

Written by: Djamari Oetringer

Did you hear that recognizable laugh? Did you listen to all those talks during the orientation week every day again and again? Well, that’s Fabian. As a third-year AI student he has been chosen as the AI* of the month September because of his contribution to the orientation week, to CognAC as a whole, and even to our faculty.  I decided to visit him to take an interview. After some lasagna with pumpkin, we had a nice talk.

Tell us something about yourself!
My name is Fabian Kok, and I am a third year AI student. I also did a Pre-Bachelor Dance at ArtEZ, which is in Arnhem. I am 22 years old and I have one sister and one brother. My brother, Robin,  is 28 years old and graduated in Car Management. Now he is selling cars. My sister is called Shanna. She is 24 years old and she graduated in Lifestyle & Design, which is partly about how the environment influences a person’s behavior.

Where are you from?
I spent my youth in Lopik, which is a black hole nobody knows. It lays precisely in the middle between Rotterdam and Utrecht.

Where do you live right now?
Beek! It’s about 20-25 minutes away from the university.

Well that is a bit unusual. Why all the way over there?
It’s great! I am in the middle of nature, it’s a peaceful town, idyllic and distant, just behind the hill. I like all of this, because I am someone who lives on his own and I love a calm environment and nature. I love the open spaces and overview. It’s also a bit cheaper here.

Why did you decide to study AI and why here in Nijmegen?
I’ve always been very interested in  the brain, cognition, and technology. AI involves all of those aspects. I chose Nijmegen, because I think that Nijmegen has the right combination. Right now I am planning to do something with Data Science. I am already planning how to get there.

Which course is your favorite one?
Data Mining! I love creating an overview out of chaos. I also love visualizing this.

What was your first thought about CognAC?
Gezellige boel (cozy bunch)! And this is still the case.

Which committee was your first one?
I joined the IC in my first year. This was great. It was such a great experience, that I became the chairman in my second year and this year I want to do that again.

And which committees did you join this year?
Right now I am a member of the DisCo and the SC. I’ve also enrolled myself in the IC, but this committee hasn’t started yet.

Why these 3 committees?
A big focus of mine is on the individual development of people. To my experience I can have the most influence on this within these 3 committees.

Which committee is your favorite one?
That would be the IC. The influence you can have on the fresh first-year students is so important to their start of a new life. Organizing the orientation week is just great.

But you’re doing much! You are also a member of the FSC (Faculty Student Council).
Yes I am!

Why did you join the FSC?
I wanted to learn about how the university is put together as an institution and how everything works. I wanted to develop myself and get a bigger overview of everything and become more pragmatic. I love overviews. That is also why I became the secretary.

What’s it like to be a member of the FSC?
Super! We are busy with arranging all kinds of important stuff. Really interesting. You get to know a lot of other students you would never meet without the FSC. You also learn a lot of facets of yourself that otherwise wouldn’t be enlightened. You really get a new perspective on a lot of things.

Do you have any hobbies?
I like dancing and yoga. I am also busy with a lot of projects: graphical designs, conceptualization, development, education, things like that. I also like cooking, walking, writing, drawing, and learning about health. I like being with friends and I am also busy with developing myself by for example long-term planning and creating national awareness.

What kind of music do you like?
My taste in music is really broad. I like classical music, jazz, acoustic music and OSTs. I also like rock. That might not have been everything.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Writing my thoughts on papers and sticking these on the walls.* I really enjoy that.

What’s your favorite Disney movie?
Atlantis the Lost Empire. This is the movie of my youth that stayed with me. It really appealed to my imagination. I am also always a bit in favor of the underdog and this movie is totally underrated.

If you could travel for free to any place on this world, where would you go to first?
Definitely Japan, Kyoto. I love cultures that differ completely from my own. This gives you insight to where you are actually coming from. It creates new perspectives. The country is also well-ordered.

If you had to describe yourself with just one word, which word would that be?
Buddy <3. Buddy was the dog that created my whole youth. He was a golden retriever, such a beauty.

What would be a suitable pet for CognAC?
None, because a pet needs discipline and regularity. You can not provide this as a study association. You need to be able to provide some responsibility before thinking about getting a pet.

But CognAC did have fishes some time ago.
And how did that go?

Never mind.

Will CognAC stay in your heart forever (and especially the current Chief of Internal Affairs)?
If the current situation stays the way it is, yes.

Do you have any remarks?
Leven is mooi (life’s pretty).

* Djamari: As someone sitting in his room, looking around, I can confirm this.