Published on: 27 January 2017
Written by: Esra Bakker

Tell us something about yourself!

I’m Lennart, twenty years old and originally from Woerden. No wait, yes, I from Woerden but my parents recently moved to Rotterdam. Two older siblings, a brother of 25 who’s in the marine, and a sister of 23 who works as a junior PR marketing person at Esté studios. I strive to follow in their footsteps.


Woerden/Rotterdam is far from Nijmegen, do you live in student housing?

Yes, I do live quite close to Nijmegen now, to be precise I live in Beek close to Fabian Kok. But I’m not home that much, I prefer to spend my time chilling on the university with my friends.


Why did you start studying AI in Nijmegen?

It was by accident, one of my friends was going to study AI in Utrecht. When I was orienting in Nijmegen I had an open timeslot when I visited the open day, so I filled in AI and it stuck. I was impressed with the presentation Franc gave there. He is excellent in giving presentations and getting people enthusiastic, he should have become a salesperson.

I took a gamble by choosing AI, but I still love it, both the study and the city. When I drove through Nijmegen with my father I felt that Nijmegen was a chill city. I like the vibe here, it’s really relaxed here. There’s a tree here and there, it’s good, it’s chill.


What is your favourite course?

*Sighs* Oh, man…. Robotics 1…. Yeah. I really liked the set-up of the course. The lectures were a bit theoretical, a bit dry, but the practical side of it was so interesting. The combination of the programming and testing of your code is super nice, which made it super easy to put in a lot of hours.


Have you thought about which master you would like to do yet?

I went to an information session of CNS (cognitive neuroscience) I thought I would love that, but I think it’s a bit too theoretical for me. I would love to do something where you have to bring more subject matter in practice. Data Science also looks quite interesting, but to be honest I don’t feel the pressure yet to find a master to do, it still feels so far away. I would like to do a board year next year so I don’t think I’ll manage to finish my bachelor then, I still have some time to think about it.


Oh, a board year, do tell! How do you see that?

I think a board year will be incredibly busy, but also very educational and a lot of fun. I think it will be awesome to spend a year in a group, working, each with a specific task. I would like to become the chief of external affairs, but if it doesn’t work out I would like to become the chief of education. I don’t see myself as a chairman, but I do think that in the end we all can make a function our own.

Fun fact: Lennart planned to introduce himself with a group as the 27th board to the current board.


Why did you decide to become active within CognAC?

The first committee picnic I ever heard of made me excited, not to join any of the committees but because of the free lunch. I missed all the talks…. Then I heard a lot of friends rave about the First-Year Committee (1C), so naturally I also decided to join. I liked it so much that I also joined the Sweden Committee (SweC).

This year I wanted to join the SweC again and the Sports Committee (SpoC), the latter being a committee that wasn’t very active a year ago. I figured it would be cool to try and “revitalise” this committee this year. Then I overheard the Weekend Committee (WkC) about needing another member, so I decided to join them as well. Same thing happened with the Orientation Committee (OrC), so I ended up doing four committees.


What is your favourite thing about CognAC?

I like the people, I know it’s very politically correct, but it’s true. There is some sort of relaxed vibe within our association. The board room is a place you can just stop by to chill, you can almost always find someone in the TK to talk with. Those are the things that make studying fun!


Any activities you’re excited for his year?

The batavierenrace of course, the trip to Sweden, the CognAC weekend, the orientation, all the SpoC-activities, all the drinks organised by the DAtA, etc. I like to be surprised by CognAC with fun activities.


What would be a suitable pet for CognAC?

Panda, 'nuff said. I once looked up, during a lecture, where I could buy a panda, how much it eats and what that would cost. Bottom line, it’s not easy to get a panda.


Do you have any hobbies?

I try to work out, nothing special since I’m already quite busy. I play football (soccer) with some people of CognAC which is cool, I try to attend a MMA training now and then.


What’s your guilty pleasure?

During the orientation weekend, we had to speed date, and I asked this girl: “What’s your guilty pleasure?”. And she said: “Chocolate”. I thought to myself: ‘WTF that is not a guilty pleasure…’

Sometimes when I’m at home, I like to dance through my room. It’s not really dancing, it more like moving a fool. I intensely enjoy it, I’m not sure whether it’s an unconscious need, or just too much energy.


Any closing remarks?

Shout out to the 27th board, and shout out to Maarten.