Published on: 06 March 2017
Written by: Esra Bakker

Tell us something about yourself!

I’m Lisa, 23 years old and originally from Germany, from the lovely Rhine Valley. I could jump in the Rhine and swim home if I wanted. I have a sister, Laura, we are very close. She lives in Osnabrück, I used to study there before I came to Nijmegen. Osnabrück is not that far from here so I can visit her, and my friends from the bachelor.


You're the first international AI*, how does that feel?

Great, I'm happy, I hope it’s because the MaC is doing a good job. Yes it is!! I like what we’re doing in the MaC, and I want to continue organising events because I think we are doing a good job with involving the international master students.


Why did you start studying AI in Nijmegen?

It can't be studied like this in Germany, and also this master is known for their good program. Not only that, but I also knew people that I have studied with before that went to Nijmegen for this master, they told me great things about it. I just had to go!


What is your favourite course?

That’s a difficult question, right now I’ve had almost exclusively introductory courses, which although relevant are not my favourite. I did like text mining, because the methods that are explained are relevant and interesting. I also really liked the project, which is more common in the Netherlands to have more projects to apply techniques learned.


Why did you decide to become active within CognAC?

I heard from someone in the master that last year he didn’t feel welcome to CognAC, so I thought: “Let's change that!”.  So I joined the MaC. I figured being in a committee is not taking up your whole life but you do make an impact quite easily.


What is your favourite thing about CognAC?

The FC (Food Committee) also provides vegan food at their activities.


Any activities you’re excited for his year?

I really want to organise an activity with the sports committee (so we can have a nice activity and not plan too much ourselves). We hope that afterwards the master students will go themselves to SpoC (Sports Committee) activities.


What would be a suitable pet for CognAC?

*Looks around* An insect, because the boardroom is very small. Maybe two, so they don’t feel alone, any bigger animals wouldn’t fit here.


Do you have any hobbies?

I like bouldering, the workload of the master is really high, so one hobby suffices for now. Everyone should check it out, it’s really cool! Also the building is still quite new which is nice. It’s called the Grip boulderhal, it’s in Nijmegen.


What’s your guilty pleasure?

I'm all into Mario cart, so I'm using that to avoid studying.


Any closing remarks?

If you are a Bac student and you would like to hang out with awesome master students come to the MaC events, you are very welcome!