Published on: 16 March 2016
Written by: Thomas van Heyningen

Written by: Renate Bresser

Quickly grabbing some fast food or a semi healthy salad for dinner, a group of AI-students gathered at the train station. As I usually feel when I go on such expeditions, I was excited, curious and feeling good about myself. We were about to do something awesome, something educational and informative – without being told to do so. It’s the best. I love that kind of stuff.


As some of us had been there before, I knew the location and organization were going to be good. A place to put our coats, some tokens for drinks, lots of chairs and the slides projected a dozen times across the wall, so no one had to miss out.

Speakers of the evening were:
Menno Vis, in charge of large IT initiatives at since 2010,
Eric van Tol, director of the Big Data Expertise Center at Fontys and
Wouter de Bie, Data Architect at Spotify.

If there is anything you should take away from these talks, it is probably the following:
map(), reduce(), start counting words and as the data is piling up, you better get a move on.

Since the videos will be online later, I will try not to spoil it all. If you will watch only one of the videos, I would definitely watch Wouter de Bie again. He is an incredible and incredibly funny speaker. Both and Spotify will probably amaze you with the numbers that go with their respectable data collections. In these two talks you will get a sense of where these companies started and what they are currently at.
Goal of the Big Data Expertise Center is to connect research, education and professional practice. From Eric you can expect a nice Big Data overview with a touch of philosophy.

That should about cover it for now.. Did I forget something? Oh yes! You will be leaving with some pretty neat goodies. Attending also gives you an opportunity to chat about your very own future with the IT Talent Partners, who not only make these evenings possible, but may also provide you with interesting internships or jobs after you’ve finished your study (which will be sooner than you think).

In 2016, the IT Talent Colleges will rock on. Next topic on the list? – Privacy.
Would you mind if someone followed you around a shop and wrote down all kinds of little details about you? Do you mind websites doing exactly that? And what about all those emails you send, do you think they are yours only to read?

Thanks for reading! And I hope you’ll join us next time!