Published on: 29 October 2017
Written by: Niels Wolters

Written by Niels Wolters

Already a long time ago, I invited Bente van de Pol for an interview. She has done loads of work during the Orientation Week, did a lot of designing work in the MC and has helped the board with creating their logos. This beautiful person can furthermore be found at a lot of CognAC events and is always approachable for questions. Where did she come from? Where will she go? Continue reading for more info!


Let’s start with some background info, could you introduce yourself?

I’m 20 years old, a third year student and although I live in Nijmegen I originate from Best. Furthermore I have a little brother, Roel. Well, little… I call him little but he’s definitely not that little anymore.


Are you in a relationship currently?

Am I in a relationship? No.


Soooo, do you want to be in a relationship?

No not necessarily.


: (

Would you like to say anything about Best?

Uhm, Best is amazing? Best is the best? That’s the joke I cannot not make.


So, would you like to say anything about where you live now?

Yeah, I live on the island, surrounded by cows. Hairy cows. They’re really cool. I love the view and I can give nice parties in my backyard. Also, it is a really convenient spot to start a run. From my home I usually run to both Nijmegen and Lent.


At this point I am impressed with her fitness and ask her if she runs marathons, which she does (!).

Why did you decide to study AI?

Because I would like to do something with gaming later and I figured that this would be the best way to get there. Also, if I would after all not want to do anything in the gaming industry, I would still have a lot of opportunities left for example in psychology.


Which aspect of gaming do you like the most?

Just the programming part. Well, I would also like to draw and design characters, but that’s not what my study taught me.


Cool, so which subject do you like the most?

You mean in every year or just this year? In all years I like HCI the most, because you could chose yourself what details you wanted, when you wanted to do it and you were working on a project. This year, I think I will like MSDT the most, because we’ll be working on a project again. Last year we didn’t have courses which I really liked, but if I had to pick one it would be Assertion and Argumentation, because Engelbert. 


Do you already know which Master’s you want to do?

I’d like to do my Master’s in Utrecht, Game and Media Technology. I also want to go live in Utrecht, but I really regret leaving Nijmegen, because CognAC and friends and everyone lives here (notice the order of importance). Also it’s quite scary to start over somewhere else.


I understand, but you will come and visit us sometime right?

Yeah of course I will! I will also probably become a benefactor of CognAC.


Nice! Probably or definitely? (hint)

Yeah most definitely. I said probably but meant definitely.


I don’t really need to ask why you would like to do Game and Media Technology. So, why did you become active within CognAC?

Well, because I like CognAC and I wanted to do something with my life (chuckles Bentecally), I just wanted to get more out of my study and my student life.


What  do you think is the best part about CognAC?

That CognAC is like a big family. Everyone knows and likes each other. Although with the growth of CognAC I’m a bit afraid that this will become less. I notice it already since I know a lot less first year students compared to last year’s first year students.


In which committees have you been and which committees would you like to join?

I was in the Media Committee and the Orientation Committee last year and I want to be in the DAtA and the PaparaC. I don’t know if I will be in the DAtA and PaparaC yet but I have sent a motivation. Well for the PaparaC I only had to confirm that I indeed wanted to be in the PaparaC.


Which committee do you think is the most fun?

Well I don’t know about the ones I will join the upcoming year yet, but last year the OrC was the most fun. It was so much fun before the orientation and during the week it was ‘gezellig’, although it was also a lot of work, organizing and wow. I’d prefer to be a mentor the upcoming year.


Do you have any hobbies?

I go out for a run three times a week and I draw and read a lot, preferably Young Adult books.


Are you considering to join the Batavierenrace this year then?

Yeah, since you also asked me last year I will perhaps join this year. If I get asked again I will. I don’t know why I would not.


What was your favourite holiday ever?

My journey to the USA mostly because it was my biggest trip and far away, which made it special. I also always really like my trips with my friends. My favourite destination is England. The people in England are nicer than in the USA.


Do you have a favourite kind of music?

I usually listen to rock but punk or pop are also nice. I do not really have a favourite band, but I have been to a lot of concerts. It is hard to pick a favourite artist, but the best festival performance I have witnessed was from Tom Odell, which I have seen three times already. The most awesome concert was from Roger Waters with my dad, to which I will go again with my dad if I can get tickets.


Do you have any guilty pleasure?

Listening to and loudly singing along with Taylor Swift, naked, while emptying whole jars of peanut butter.  


What would be a cool pet for CognAC?

Something which doesn’t die easily, a fish or yeeeeesss a tortoise, tortoises are amazing. Or a camel because it can go a long time without food and water… We could store it in the Postelein room! We could shave a nice CognAC logo on its side and braid its hair so it will not be mistaken for some wild camel.


Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Can we have Tommie as the standard CognAC mascot?


The interview ends as I do not wish to publicly declare my love for Tommie, I thank Bente for being here with me and for all that she has done for CognAC. We proceed to play some ping pong in the board room until Bente, sadly, has to leave.