Published on: 12 December 2017
Written by: Lennart Geertjes

Once again it’s time for a new AI* interview, this time I had the honour to sit down with the one and only Pleun Scholten. So naturally I lit up a candle put on some Marvin Gaye and we kicked it off.

Could you tell us something about yourself?

I am Pleun, I am 21 years old. Originally I am from Amstelveen which is some sort of crappy Amsterdam,  I also went to high school there. After that I went to study Chemistry for 1 ½ years, but I quit. I have no idea why it took me so much time to realize that Chemistry isn’t fun at all.

 I express my hopes that he does not have this realization with AI too but Pleun reassures me that this will not be the case because he is already “In too deep”, reassured I let Pleun continue.

 So I studied Chemistry at the University of Amsterdam, but then I was like ‘skip’ and then I thought I want to go somewhere else with my life, and now I am here.

So why did you decide to study AI in Nijmegen instead of Amsterdam?

Mainly because I wanted to live on my own and wanted to get out of Amsterdam, I could not really find my place there. I had visited Nijmegen a few times before, because a friend of mine moved here. I thought Nijmegen was a pretty cool city and they had AI here and then the decision to come study here was pretty easy.

Are you still happy with your decision to come to Nijmegen?

Yes. Yeah. Yup. Yeah, I am still really happy!

Pleun really wanted to emphasize here that he feels he made the right decision.

I was talking to someone some time ago and we came to the conclusion that Nijmegen is a city but still really has a village feeling, making it a lot cozier. Amsterdam is just so big that it was hard to find a place there, I also liked the people less there. In Nijmegen you have sweet ‘Brabo’s’, you don’t have those in Amsterdam.

So you are living in Nijmegen?


Where do you live in Nijmegen?

I live in Neerbosch Oost. I live with yours truly, former Treasurer of CognAC, Esra, and with two Germans who study Psychology.

Moving on to some more study related Questions, what is your favorite subject?

Pleun takes a long pause and makes some thinking noises until he finally comes up with his answer

The TraC.

Even though I am hyped about the TraC too, unfortunately I cannot accept the current answer. So Pleun continues to think.

Programming for AI 1 and 2 where really awesome. Basically everything involving programming is really cool, including Functional Programming.  Everyone was struggling, and I was just having fun there. Intro AI B was also dope, because it was basically just screwing around with Pacman.

Any highlights you are especially proud of during your study?

For some magical reason Jeremy and I made it to the final of the Functional Programming soccer tournament even though our team was so bad.

Moving on to CognAC, what committees have you been in/are you in?

I started with the TraC, which is my baby. Well actually it is Lea’s baby but we are sharing it. This year I am also in the WkC, where I am still waiting on my Bathrobe @Christiaan Lammers. Lastly I am also in the DAtA.

Actually I am also in the DPC(Degree Programme Committee) but I am not sure if that is technically a CognAC committee (it is not, but we will still give it a shout out here). The DPC is somewhat more serious, but still fun and interesting.

But the TraC was the only thing you did in your first year?

Pleun drops the first ‘yo momma’ joke of the interview.

What is your favourite committee?

The TraC for sure, shout out to the TraC. Did you know that the TraC is not only good at organizing trips but also good at escaping escape rooms?(Fun fact of the day #1)

Will CognAC always have a place in your heart?

Of course,  among other places.

At this point Pleun starts to wonder if his mother will read this interview.

What are your hobbies?

Chilling with friends, sports. I enjoy Climbing and Kickboxing. Cooking. Snapchatting also. Going to concerts, which is nice.

Pro tip from Pleun:  Loyle Carner is awesome to see live.

What kind of music do you listen to?

It really depends on my mood. Hip hop, reggae, sometimes I listen to rock. Also random stuff from my youth I suddenly think about. Recently I listened to old Daft Punk and also Stromae. 

What is your favorite Disney movie?

So I am not really sure if this is a Disney movie, but if it is the Aristocats.

We don’t know for ourselves if the Aristocats is a Disney movie so we decide we should google this and come to the conclusion that the Aristocats is indeed a Disney movie.(Fun fact of the day #2)

Who is your favorite Disney princess?

Pleun starts to smile, puts his hair behind his ears and answers:

 I’ll be your princess baby.

 I accept his answer.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Vitaaltjes(A vegetarian snack you can get at the Febo), because they are not actually vegan. It happened to me one time that I ate a Vitaaltje and it was pure pleasure!(Editors note: Pleun has eaten more than one Vitaaltje by now)

If CognAC would get a pet, what would it be?

There is only one correct answer I think and that is Tommie (for those who are unfamiliar with Tommie, Tommie is Sanne’s dog). Is Tommie not already the CognAC pet?He is just so cuddly, it would be the best to have him around to cuddle when you are stressed.

Any famous last words?

Shout out to Bram’s Angels, and of course shout out to my boy Zikri!