Published on: 18 December 2017
Written by: Lucian Badarau

Written by Lucian Badarau

Hi Niels,how are you?
I'm okay,thank you.

*I spilled apple juice on his phone*
I'm not okay anymore haha

*2 minutes of awkward jokes and Niels reassuring me that his phone is fine*

Can I add that to the interview?

Sure you can.

You are secretary of CognAC,what does this mean?
I write the weekly mail,I look up the weekly meme (which takes more time than you think).I take the minutes during board meetings,I take the minutes during general members meeting.
I also manage the website and the member registration.That sort of stuff.And I'm the primary contact for other associations.

Why did you want to do that?
I can get some facebook friends (that's something).I like to be the contact man,and the bridge between the members and the board.I like taking the minutes,it helps me concentrate.
I get to write in the "Guest book"(not sure if this is the correct translation),and congratulate people on behalf of CognAC.

What other hobbies do you have?
I used to play a lot of football,but not so much anymore.I work out when I have time.I love sports.I also like to play the piano and make music.And of course,movies and TV series.

What kind of music do you make?
Pretty much everything electronic,I guess:usually variations of EDM,future bass.
The thing about electronic music is that it really keeps me going
*Niels showed me some cool future bass stuff he made.*

*Then I got introduced to some more music he enjoys*

I was thinking of starting my own Catholic Psyhedelic Synth Folk Band.
Okaaaay,sounds interesting...

Would you be interested?You can play something on the keyboard.
Yeah,I don't know...I could jam for a moment I guess.. *Niels tries to refuse me without hurting my feelings*

You can do some DVD commentary then,maybe when the album comes out you can talk a bit about it...

Any words for your fans?
My fans?I have fans?Really cool you are my fan and just...keep reading the weekly mail.I'd be happy to meet you,at Cognac events.

Tips for the first years?
Really try to keep focused and don't get lost with doing other stuff too much.

How was your first year experience?
It was fun but I wasnt really busy with CognAC or AI...Only in the second year I started being more active.Heard from other people about a board year and decided to join 4 committees.

What committees did you join?
Data,AC,OrC and SpoC,also,I helped Kompanio organize sfeest(which is basically a Beestfeest for social science associations).

What committees are you in right now?
PartyAndCo.And I'll help organizing a big kitsch party in february.

What's your third favorite dinosaur?
*after a hard time picking* Ankilosaur.

Do you want anything you might want to add?
Shoutout to the board,shoutout to Tommie *I got informed it was actually a dog,Sanne's dad's girlfriend's dog,and he's really cute*
Other than that,nothing special...
Don't do drugs,kids.


I shouldn't put that here.
You don't have to put that in...

Yeah,I probably shouldn't...