Published on: 28 December 2017
Written by: Ilse Akkermans

Even though you might not recognize him immediately, there is a big chance you’ve met or seen him before. He can be found at a lot of CognAC activities. Still, it came down to the wire or this kid would not have been a part of AI at all. When he was 4 years old he planned on becoming an astronaut. However, he (very last-minute) changed his mind and now studies AI at Radboud. He adjusted his future plans and is heading for a neuroscience/AI future. This brave kid does not scare away from microchip implants and cyborgs, but he is not much in favour of world-ruling by AI.

Do you still not know whom I am talking about? Well, then I think you should interrogate everyone you meet at CognAC events, stumble upon in the TK or stalk everyone on Facebook. If you have managed to find out who this little boy is: send an e-mail to Be quick: the first correct answer awaits a small prize. Best of luck!

 (Side note, he is no longer a four-years-old, as you might have guessed).