Published on: 04 January 2018
Written by: Ilse Akkermans

As the new year is here it is time for horoscopes!  So you can be prepared for what the new year has in stock for you. Unfortunately, the internet is flooding with horoscopes; that’s why all new year’s predictions are compiled here into a short one. Read below what 2018 has to offer.*

Aries March 20- April 19
As you are a very energetic zodiac whose strongest quality isn’t patience you will have a hard time waiting for results. But do not fear, keep up the hard work and it will pay off, in the end... somewhere before the end of this year... At least, that's what we hope.

Taurus 19 April – 20 May
This year is all about connections (with people, not the wifi-kind). You will meet a lot of new people and potential friends. Some will be rather unexpected, so do not be too quick to judge.

Gemini 20 May – 20 June
Until November you will go through some struggle. So that’s basically the whole year. I can’t help it, Saturnus is a bit slow when it comes to finishing his cycle (whut?). However, trough all the struggle you will learn how to lead. So grab your change at your next group project, you’ve got this!

Cancer 20 June – 22 July
2018 won’t be too dynamic in terms of university, you will find a stable workflow and perhaps even fixate your career plans. On the contrary, in terms of relationships there might be some fuzz, you will meet someone with whom you click very well. (If not in a relationship already) You should definitely go for it, ask the person out. The planets are in your favour...

Leo 22 July- 22 August
2018 is the year to stop postponing, in the midst of this year you’d best make some important decisions. In the beginning of this year you should make lists of what/ who is really important in your life. Try to find out who your real friends are and rearrange your circle of friends, block some people on Facebook for example. If you want to start 2018 off right, you should do that now: stop postponing.

Virgo 22 August – 22 September
Time to start with a clean slate, literally. Clean up you room, clean up your mind. Join for a meditation class at the RSC, go for a walk. Let go off all the insecurities in 2018, take things as they come this yea.

Libra 22 September – 23 October
If you were planning on getting a baby, you might want to think it over again. For Libras this year is not a very good year to become a parent. However, I am pretty sure you can still become an intro-parent without too much struggle.

Scorpio 23 October- 21 November
As you are working hard, be careful not to get too aggressive. The planet Mars is in your zodiac sign and we all know he likes a bit of violence now and then. This might cause trouble for some of your relationships. As luck would have it Venus soon joins Mars, which will bring you success and popularity. If this is not the case you can still always take matters into your own hands and beg for other people to nominate you as AI* of the month. Although I would not recommend this.

Sagittarius 21 November- 21 December
All work that you do by yourself will result in better outcomes than the work done with a team. So forget about teamwork, tell your professor you’re better off alone this year. Even though you are working alone, your work environment could see some distractions and buildup of a possible relationship between September & November.

Capricorn 21 December – 19 January
For Capricorns this year is all about expressing themselves. Try to distinguish yourself from the crowd, in terms of thought, opinion or maybe even fashion. You might consider renewing your closet with all CognAC-merchandise.  Don’t be afraid to stand out.

Aquarius 19 January – 18 February
Others will find support in you as a friend. Stay honest and true to yourself, that’s what people appreciate in you. Don’t hesitate to ask others for support in return. The workload might scare you this year but teamwork will enlighten it. Nevertheless, do not try to collaborate with Sagittarius, they don’t want to team up this year.

Pisces 18 February – 20 March
This year you will encounter lots of things that will distract you from your study, try to maintain your focus. There will be new opportunities coming your way, don’t waste them because you were 'focussing' on something else. 'Focussing' on the next BeestFeest perhaps?

* Success not guaranteed