Published on: 25 April 2018
Written by: Sigur de Vries

Because I am a proud member of the MC, my task was to interview a board member. I was lucky, because I got to interview Sanne, the Chief of Education from the XXVII board. I was starting the recording app on my phone, when I saw my phone could only record for 294 hours. This made us sad, but we still did the interview.

Do you like being here?

No, absolutely not, because we can only talk for 294 hours.

That is indeed really unfortunate.

We cannot make it too cosy.

Can you tell something about yourself?

Hi, my name is Sanne de Kleijn. I am currently in the fourth year of my bachelor. I do dancing. I like it. And I am part of the board, as Chief of Education.

How old are you?

I am 22 years old.

Where do you come from?

Nijmegen whaddup!!!! No, actually I grew up in a town 20 kilometres away from Nijmegen. It’s not that great. It’s located at the border with Germany. Only farmers live there. But I’ve been living in Nijmegen for about seven years now.

Can you describe your function in the board?

I am Chief of Education, which is a new function this year. It is a lot of fun! I am in contact with the study and the teachers. I am an advisory member in both the bachelor and master degree programme committees (DPCs), so I am completely up-to-date with everything happening in the study and I try to see if CognAC can help. For example, if I find out through the DPC that there are subjects that students have trouble with, then I try to help them through CognAC. Also, I started the tutoring network and I keep it running; Finally we have the first contract between a tutor and a student!

Are you active in other committees?

Yes, I am in the Symposium, Study and Parents day committee, but the Parents Day has already taken place so that is finished now. Next to this, I have to make sure students can get their books. Though currently we have a contract with, so I don’t have to do that much. I just have to maintain the contract for the ordering of books. You can get discount on some books if you are a member of CognAC!

Can you say something about the Symposium?

Ooh, the Symposium is going to be lit. A Symposium is one day on which many different speakers are coming to talk about their field of expertise, those speakers could be academics or representatives of a company, and they come to talk about cool ways to use AI in language. You can listen to the talks drink free coffee and tea, and you will get a nice lunch. Ohh and there’s a drink (borrel) afterwards! And if you want you can also eat together with everyone, but nothing is obligatory. Have you already seen the trailer? The theme finally has been announced: AI and language. Shout out to SymCo!

You may only do shout outs at the end of the interview.


Okay, you are allowed to do shout outs all the time. How was doing a board year for you?

WAS?! WAS?! I’m still in the board, you know?


I find it very fun to do! I think it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. The choice to do a board year was a very impulsive one actually, because I never really knew that I wanted to do a board year, until I heard there was a new function: Chief of Education. When I read that... that is actually a fun story.

I would love to hear it.

At first I never thought of doing a board year. At the time, I was the Chair of the Lustrum Committee and then Jet asked me if I wouldn’t like it to be in the board. I said that it sounded fun, but it was not possible, because I was going abroad for a semester. A week after I came back from Australia, I was in the train from Friesland to Nijmegen, because I went to family that lives there. I am afraid to say it, but I didn’t read the mails from CognAC that often, especially if there were many documents attached, like annual reports.

Hahaha, I feel like you’re not the only one… (READ THEM FILES)

But at that moment I was so unbelievably bored because I had to sit in train for three and a half hours, that I read the e-mail and saw the new function, Chief of Education. I decided to read the description out of boredom, but I liked the description so much; I felt it described me! I immediately thought: this is what I should do. I went to the board information session and then I knew I wanted to do a board year. So I had decided it in a very short period, but it turned out to be one the best decisions I ever made. I have learned so much, got to know many new people, and I have become very close with the other boards members. I would never have wanted to miss this experience (Sanne said with an emotional tone).

I heard you are also doing an interesting research for your bachelor thesis.

Yes, that is right. I don’t follow any subjects right now, I just work on my thesis. Currently, I am working with Augmented Reality (AR). AR is new subject because we never had a teacher who worked with AR. But recently Hanna Schraffenberger joined and she knows a lot about it. She also is my thesis supervisor. I am making an AR search tool; An app that can recognize pictures and views a 3D-model and information about the subject on your mobile phone.

How are you planning to implement this?

I want to apply this app to education, to be specific in the subject Brain for AI. In a workgroup for Brain you are going to research a certain topic using the app and then do a kind of short test to see if the tool can add to your learning performance. I have already made a basis for the structure of the app, I can show it to you?

If this would be an image in your book, then my phone should recognize it. I only have a month to make this app, so I won’t be able to make the app fully functionable, but I am making a sort of proof of concept. I am making a hard-coded version of my app and if it works then I can hopefully say that I would recommend to expand the app and make it work for every kind of subject.

Sanne showed me a picture, which cannot be shown yet, because Sanne still has to conduct her research. When she is finished, she (probably me) will post the pictures. 

Did you come up with the subject for your thesis because you are the Chief of Education?

Maybe a little, but I think that the choices for my subject and to become Chief of Education both relate to my personality. Already since high school I’ve been a tutor and since I started studying I worked at a place where I helped people with their homework, so education is something that has always been one of my interests. I also manage the course evaluations for AI.

How does it feel that your boyfriend and I have defeated you in Real Life Monopoly?

Real Life Monopoly was an activity hosted by CognAC. You had to visit as much streets as possible and complete challenges. Of course, I won.

*Laughing*. No, I am very proud! I really liked that you brought little scooters and that you won.

Didn’t your boyfriend bully you?

Naahh noo, not really. Just a little bit!

Disappointing. Do you have any last remarks or shout outs?

Is this already the end? We still have 295 hours to go.

How do you want to fill 295 hours?

Uh, I can talk about my hobbies?

At the start of the interview I asked about your hobbies and then you didn’t know what you had to say, so I left it out.

But now I know what to say! I like travelling.

Which countries did you visit? How often do you travel?

After my 4th year in high school, I went to the United States for a year as an exchange student. I lived with a host family and went to school there. It was kinda like a gap year. The school was very different. I had subjects like pottery, interior architecture and cooking. You could also choose driving lessons as a subject actually.

Where did you live in the United States?

I lived in St. George, Utah. In the middle of the desert, close to Las Vegas.

Have you been to Las Vegas?

Yes, of course. At that time it was like my third home.

Have you tried gambling?

No, I was only fifteen, so I was not allowed to gamble.

And Australia?

I went to Australia during my 3rd bachelor year for one semester. I went there with my boyfriend to the same university. We also had two months of summer vacation in which we went to the South East Asia: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

Have you seen kangaroos?

Yes. Is that a real question? That cannot be a question. I lived in Australia, so I’ve seen heaps of kangaroos. And I hugged a koala! That was definitely one of the highlights. I also did a lot of surfing. I lived in Sydney the whole time, but in the holidays we explored the whole coast.

Ah, also, two years ago, I participated in the Red Bull Can You Make It?! contest, do you know what that is?

Not yet, but if you could explain it?

Red Bull organizes this event once every two years and 165 teams consisting of students throughout the whole world can participate. You have to travel through Europe for a week and visit seven checkpoints spread through Europe, without money or phones, but only with cans of Red Bull which you can trade. You have to get food and transport using only Red Bull! We flew to Florence, where we slept in a hotel for one night, and the next day our trip to Paris started. We had a week to reach it!

What other places did you go to?

We travelled to Venice (Italy), Bled (Slovenia), Innsbruck (Austria), München (Germany), Basel (Switzerland), Genève (Switzerland) and from Genève to Paris, all in seven days. We hitchhiked most of the time. In Genève, we slept in a four-star hotel for free! We could sleep there and he told us his only the smallest room was still free, but still it was huge and beautiful. Eventually, he even asked if we had already eaten and we said: just some bread and crackers. The manager said he would look in the restaurant to see if they had some food left for us; He came back with duck!! A full meal with duck everything for free.

Sick! So it was a very fun week?

Well, sometimes it wasn’t as fun. Some nights we had to sleep outside. In Venice we slept outside, next to station, with a couple of other teams, because you couldn’t sleep inside the station. In Paris we slept outside as well, almost underneath the Eiffel tower. It was very cool and beautiful, but also so extremely cold that I barely slept that night. Afterwards there was a huge party with all the teams in Paris. It was in a basement of a museum. We could drink unlimited vodka with Red Bull, which was nice. Oh and there was a live band playing music together with the DJ, and someone randomly came to do BMX tricks. It was really cool!

Does this mean you are going to join the CognAC hitchhike event?

I have to say that it sounds really good to go hitchhiking again. After we were finished with the contest, I thought I was never going to hitchhike again. I wanted to join the event but I unfortunately cannot make it.

Do you want to drop some last shout outs?

I am probably going to forget a lot. But Tommie (her dog), the board, ACAIS, Stan (her boyfriend), the Study, Symposium and Parents day committee.

Can I pleeease get a shoutout too??????? I am so lonely.

Sure, you can get your shout out.

Yeah, that’s right!

Also a shoutout to Kakhiel, DumpertReeten, my food that has been laying here during the whole interview but I couldn’t eat. Also to Frank because he approved on my idea to do my thesis experiment during his course Brain. And of course shoutout to Lieve, because Lieve is awesome. Lieve, if you are reading this, Lieve waddup!? And a shoutout to every other committee for doing so much work. Shout out to the coffee in the DE-café because I would have never survived my board year without it. And lastly a shoutout to my parents, because they always support me.

Are you finished?

Yes, but we still have to talk for 295 hours.

But I accidentally stopped the recording somewhere in the middle of the interview, so we have even more time to talk. Oh, and you keep saying 295, but the maximum is actually only 294.

Okay then 349 hour…. What no. Okay nevermind, bye