Published on: 11 August 2018
Written by: Ilse Akkermans

For most of us, vacation is almost over. So to help you start this year well-prepared you can now read your brand new horoscope here. What will your academic year look like? Will it feel like a heavy backpack-journey or more like an all-inclusive holiday? Read on to find out.


virgo [22/08-22/09]


This year will be like this summer's weather: incredibly warm with an occasional rainfall near the end. Which means everything will be nice and fun for you. But be careful; warm weather makes you lazy and often you will feel more tired than usual (maybe that's to blame on the earlier starting time of the lectures). The rainfall near the end of the year means you are going to encounter some problems in the last months of the academic year.


libra [22/09-23/10]


If we were to visualize your upcoming academic year you would see yourself visiting an unexplored island. At first it is fun and exciting but soon you will realize there is little help for you there. This year you tend to close yourself for others. Don't do this; having some time for yourself is nice but it deprives you of having the benefits of shared knowledge. Expand your circle and broaden your connections. You will definitely benefit from it.


scorpio [23/10-21/11]


Your year will be like you went on a neighbouring-country holiday whilst all your friends went to exotic places. You made a long and tiring journey by car and that made the reward even bigger when you arrived at your destination. However, your vacation pictures and stories will not be as impressive as those of your friends. The stars strongly advise you to simply ignore this. Do not compare yourself. Enjoy where you are at this moment. You made it here yourself, be proud of that.


sagittarius [21/11-21/12]


Do you know those tourists who go landmark hunting? They travel to a landmark, take a picture of it and they're off to their next destination. Be careful that you don't become one of them. University isn't only about passing courses. It's also about expanding your knowledge and developing yourself. Don't forget those things that happen on the side. This year you tend to focus a bit too much on the big goals but it's the little things that matter in life.




Ever wondered what it feels like to be the Eiffel tower? Well, the stars say you are the one who is going to find out. You're uniqueness is appealing to people and with your expertise and skills you can help people to get up higher. Keep on supporting your fellow students like you do now and soon you will be a prominent landmark in their lives.


aquarius [19/01-18/02]


In contrast to scorpio, who made a tiring journey to reach their vacation destination, you are the lucky friend flying to an exotic destination. Things will go your way this year, and it will be easy. Try not to get overzealous bragging about your points to other students. But furthermore, enjoy your luck.


pisces [18/02-20/03]


This year will be like a lovely hike in the swiss alps. You need to be active to make it to the top but during the walk and afterwards you will have a lovely view. Enjoy it! There is a great chance that a cloud decides to float over the mountain you are standing on. You know what they say about having your head in the clouds. You might meet someone very special this year.


aries [march 20 - april 19]


This year you will feel like the kid that stayed at home the entire summer. friends might go away for sometime and it could be that you feel lonely. But don't worry to much, just like any other holiday they will come back to you. Stay in touch in the meantime, even if they don't send you a postcard. Your friends are probably caught up in exploring their vacation destination. Don't blame them too much, when they get back they will be just as interested in you again as before.


taurus [19/04 - 20/05]


The good old skiing holiday. Summer has just passed and it's no time for skiing yet. The beginning of this academic year will feel somewhat uncomfortable and restless. Just wait for colder temperatures and you will feel better. You will get used to the workload and find your flow.


gemini [20/05-20/06]


Sunny beach, Lloret de mar, Albufeira, this will be pretty similar to what your year looks like. You are a social sign so you feel at ease at parties. However you shouldn't get too carried away with partying. You can also meet new people in the lecture hall, maybe. It will be hard for you to maintain your focus so be forewarned.


cancer [20/06-22/07]


Your academic year will be like an all inclusive vacation. Laying lazy in the sunshine, everything is brought to you on a silver plate and you hardly have to do anything. Stay cautious because a sudden change of the planets might change your fortune and if you aren't able to do things by yourself anymore you will have a hard time obtaining your EC's


leo [22/07-22/08]


Your academic year can be compared to a backpacker journey. You will encounter lots of new things this year. Unfortunately, you can't take all new things in your backpack with you. You will break your back by the heavy weight. Be selective in what you want to learn and what you take with you, so you don't overstrain yourself.


Although there are a lot of stars clearly visible above the mobilhome that I am staying in at the moment I cannot promise you that everything written here is deducted from them. Or that I even took them into account. Don't take this too serious and good luck upcoming academic year.