Published on: 11 September 2018
Written by: Sander Engelberts

Today during the lunchbreak the SC hosted a flashtalk on study / student hints with a wide varying range of topics. We as Study Committee even learned a lot while preparing the talk so there are definitely things you don't know yet and can be beneficial for your study / student life! Topics include laptop specifics and examples, buying books through CognAC, study aid in different manners like recap courses and the great CognAC tutoring network, contact details of persons you might need or want to contact somewhere during your studies, extracurricular activities, searching for a room in Nijmegen, and many more things. So look back at the things you want to know more about, discover the many links, and use it throughout your studies when needed.

See the links below for the slides and accompanying powerpoints of last orientation week (you need the passwords to enter the documents after clicking on the link):

SC Study / student hints flashtalk, password: HowToStudent101

How to find your way around university?, password: HowToStudent101

ICT-Prep, password: HowToStudent101

Good luck with your further study / student life!


Study Committee