Published on: 16 November 2018
Written by: Sander Engelberts


We are currently looking for students who want to become a Student Of Support (SOS).

A SOS is a student who helps fellow students with all sorts of difficulties and problems they might encounter. Examples include loneliness and stress amongst others. You lend a listening ear and might be able to support them on their way upward, or assist them in finding the help they need.

Note that a SOS is not there to solve the student’s problems, there are professional people at university employed for this specific help. As an SOS you are an easily accessible first contact point for if they don’t know where to go for help, have some questions, or want to share their story with a fellow student.    

As a SOS you will receive a training on how to deal with problems you might face, and where to send students to for more specific help.

If you are interested in becoming a SOS, or if you want additional information regarding being a SOS, please mail to Please also add the study and study year you are in.

With kind regards,

Student well-being group FNWI (including AI/ CognAC)