Published on: 02 February 2019
Written by: Nick Stracke

Our friends from Computer Science, Thalia, are organizing their own symposium on the 8th of March 2019 and we are also invited. This year's topic is Computer Vision and it will take place at the LUX. For more information, continue reading or visit their webite here

Once again, a spectacular Thalia symposium is on the program. Resnap will open the program with a lecture on how they automatically convert a photo collection into a photo book by the use of computer vision. Then the program will split into two tracks, where you can choose from two different lectures. With your application you can give your preference for where you prefer to go. The closing lecture will be given by Cees Snoek in which he will tell about his latest research in the field of computer vision on videos. We will spend this day in the LUX where we will also be provided with a cup of coffee / tea, lunch and a drink at the end of the day.

The program will focus on all the uses and applications for computer vision and image recognition. We will have lectures about the inner workings of computer vision and interesting use cases of the technology. It will also be possible to meet interesting companies, either during the lunch or through some speed dates. Among others Resnap, Capgemini, Nedap and Infosupport will be present here. You can sign up for the speed dates if you just like to talk to companies, if you are looking for a thesis / internship place or when you are orienting for a job. In short, everyone can sign up for these speed dates when they like so.  

Currently there are 80 spots, but this amount may increase, so be sure to get a spot on the waiting list if you want to come!

More information can be found on

People who want to participate, but are not a Thalia member or benefactor need to sent an email to We will then let you know if there are any places left. Costs for externals will be €22,00. Members or benefactors can simply sign up via the Thalia website with reduced costs.

If you sign up by email, please use the following template to indicate your preference of speakers.

What is your preference for round 1? 
Please enter 1 for: Jan van Gemert
Please enter 2 for: Tom Keim from Infosupport
Please enter 3 for: no preference.

What is your preference for round 2? 
Please enter 1 for: Speed dates with among others Resnap, Capgemini, Nedap and Infosupport.
Please enter 2 for: Cassandra Loor
Please enter 3 for: no preference.

What is your preference for round 3?
Please enter 1 for: Michiel Hamers from Ordina
Please enter 2 for: Stelios Asteriadis
Please enter 3 for: no preference.

What is your preference for round 4?
Please enter 1 for: Dick Goudriaan from DVC machines
Please enter 2 for: Michiel Klitsie from Nedap
Please enter 3 for: no preference.