Published on: 24 February 2019
Written by: Jorrit Geels

The applications for the 29th board of CognAC are opened! They will stay opened until the 24th of March, 23:59, which is also in the CognAC activities calendar ;)

In our board information session #2, we covered all kinds of questions:

  1. Why should you do a board year?
  2. Why should you do it at CognAC?
  3. What even is CognAC?
  4. What can I do, what functions are there in the board?
  5. What kind of tasks is each person in the board doing?
  6. How do I even apply for this? 
  7. What should be in my letter?

To find an answer to all of the above questions and even more, you can always look back at the presented slides:

If you need more information, then feel free to ask one of the current board members to sit down with you and talk about it: we also went through the same last year. You can find our personal emails at, as well as some extra info about who we are and what we do.

As mentioned earlier, your application letters can be sent in until the 24th of March, to

We look forward to seeing your applications,

Best regards,

The 28th board of CognAC