Published on: 26 March 2019
Written by: Jorrit Geels

Do you like monopoly? Do you like taking pictures? Do you like trains?

Then Real Life Monopoly is the right game for you!

The classic/ultimate friendship-ruiner Monopoly is now available in real life! Travel across the country, take pictures of the streets, collect monopoly-money and win! This amazing game will take place on Good Friday, April 19th. The game will start early at around 9:30 in the morning, and will end at around 22:00 in the evening. An awards ceremony will be held in a pub in Nijmegen afterwards. More information about this will follow.

Real Life Monopoly is the game where you can earn money with your team (4-7 persons) by visiting and photographing certain streets in diverse cities throughout the Netherlands, or by doing fun quests! All the pictures should be sent to the judges so they can evaluate them. You can also build hotels and get chance cards, just like in the board game. Click here to view the last year’s booklet and to get to know the game.

Students with student OV will travel for free on this day. Those who do not have student OV (especially international students) can probably get a cheap trainticket which will costs around €16 for an entire day. We'll keep you up to date if there is a discount like this somewhere!

Especially for international students, this game is the best opportunity to get to know the Netherlands.

Enroll now with your team by clicking here (deadline April 14th). Enroll quickly, because there are only a limited amount of spots.

The game will have no participation fee for CognAC members. Non-CognAC members will have to pay a fee of 50c per participant or 2 euros for a whole team, in cash.

However, do you like monopoly? And do you like looking at nice pictures? And do you like getting free food? But don’t you like running around like crazy?

Then being a judge for Real Life Monopoly is the right thing for you!

We will need judges who will follow the teams and evaluate the pictures they send in. These judges will stay in Nijmegen and keep in touch with their team by using WhatsApp. Enroll now as judge by clicking here (deadline April 14th). You will get free lunch, drinks and snacks throughout the day.



There will be an information session in the break on the 15th of April, in which we will walk you through the event and its rules. This will be in SP A 1.11.

If you happen to have any questions/need help, feel free to mail

We hope to see you at the most fun event of the year!

The Monopoly Committee