This list is by no means exhaustive! Feel to add to this list by sending an email to the WebC or the Chief of Education!
Abbreviation Dutch meaning English translation Explanation
(F)NWI (Faculteit der) Natuurkunde, Wiskunde en Informatica (Faculty of) Physics, Mathematics and Computing Science
ALV (NL) GMM (EN) Algemene Ledenvergadering General Members Meeting A GMM is a meeting that all members of CognAC can join. In these meetings, the board of CognAC can ask their members directly for feedback on certain plans, they present changes or the members can vote on important business, like changes to important documents (e.g. statutes) or the change of the board.
BSA Binded Studieadvies Binding Study Advice The amount of EC(TS) that needs to be acieved during the first study year to be able to continue studying AI at Radboud University is 42 for the academic year 2018-2019.
BSc Bachelor of Science
EC(TS) Studiepunten European Credit (Transfer System) Amount of points a course is worth after successful participation. You get all or nothing. Nominal study load is 60 EC per study year.
FB Faculteitsbestuur Faculty Board Important people at faculty level working on the current and future policies of the faculty
FSR (NL) FSC (EN) Facultaire Studentenraad Faculty Student Council The FSC does similar work to the DPC, but on a faculty wide level.
FSW Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen Faculty of Social Sciences
IO (EN) - International Office Contact the International Officer for studying abroad, and contact the International Office in general for any problem you face as international student.
KI (NL) AI (EN) Kunstmatige Intelligentie Artificial Intelligence
KNAW Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie voor Wetenschappen Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences
LoS Library of Science Library in the Huygens Building
MSc Master of Science
OER (NL) EER (EN) Onderwijs- en Examenregeling Education and Examination Regulations The EER is one of the most important documents for the program. It states all rules and regulations that both the students and the staff have to stick to. For example, it states which prerequisites you need to have before starting this programme, but also that you have the right to look at your exam again after getting your grade.
OLC (NL) DPC (EN) Opleidingscommissie Degree Programme Committee The DPC is the body within the program that safeguards the quality of our study program. The DPC consist of both staff and students. The students are elected every year in June. If you have any complaints, requests or ideas, either send a message to or just tap a DPC member on the shoulder! This year’s DPC students consist of Lennart Geertjes, Mark Rietvelt and Pleun Scholten.
OSP (NL) ESD (EN) Onderwijs Service Punt Education Service Desk Every faculty has an OSP, where you can enroll for courses if you were to late to do it online or just ask any question.
RSC Radboud Sportcentrum Radboud Sport Center
RU Radboud Universiteit Radboud University
SNiC Stichting Nationaal informatica Congres Foundation National informatics Congress The SNiC organizes an huge, yearly congress. The event includes a lot of speakers, companies, researchers and free food and goodies. It is organized by one IT related study associations from the Netherlands. Every year, associations can make a bid to organize the SNiC congress in their city.
SOFv StudentenOverleg Faculteitsverenigingen Unofficial translation: Student Meeting Faculty Associations Umbrella association of study associations in Nijmegen.
TA / SA Studenten Assistant Teaching Assistant / Student Assistant People who assist lecturers by helping the students in workgroups or lab sessions, and by grading homework assignments.
TK Terminal Kamer Terminal Room Computer room B.00.76 in the Spinoza Building where AI students can work freely
UB Universiteitsbibliotheek University Library
USR (NL) USC (EN) Universitaire Studentenraad University Student Council The USC does similar work to the DPC, but on a university wide level.
NSVKI Nederlandse Studievereniging Kunstmatige Intelligentie Dutch Study Association Artificial Intelligence The NSVKI is the cooperation for Study Associations for Artificial Intelligence in the Netherlands. The members VIA (Amsterdam), STORM (Amsterdam), Cover (Groningen), CognAC (Nijmegen) and USCKI Incognito (Utrecht) decided it would be a good idea to keep in contact in this form.
NAIS (formerly LOKI) National Artificial Intelligence Summit The official meeting of the NSVKI where all study association come together.