The Artificial Intelligence degree programme committees (DPCs) for the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes continuously monitor the quality of education in AI. Both lecturers and students are represented on the programme committees. Among other things, the committees assess courses on the basis of the evaluation forms that you are asked to fill in at the end of every course. The programme committees are also responsible for being the voice of all students of AI within the department.

Although you may not hear a lot from us, the DPCs are vital to the quality of education. Partly for this reason, it is important to always take the time to fill in the evaluation at the end of a course. The programme committee receives these course evaluations and use them to administer advice to the course organisers. We also inform students of the results of the evaluations.

You can contact us with any comments or complaints. Please feel free to send us an e-mail at (at) Only student members of the DPC are able to read the e-mails sent to this address. The members of the Bachelor’s DPC are Yrsa Kleijkers, Mark Rietvelt and Matthijs Sparreboom. The members of the Master’s DPC are Lisa Goerke, Klaus Lux, and Justine Winkler.